Dear Zindagi Public Review and Audience Opinion: Alia Bhatt Nominated for Oscar by Fans

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Dear Zindagi Public Review and Audience Opinion: Dear Zindagi is now making its way to India after the initial release in the United States of America. Producer Gauri Khan is well aware of his husband’s popularity in the overseas market and had decided to release the film there first.

The movie got a good number of positive reviews floating in from the starting phase itself. It has been one and the half day of the film released, and we have already published a review of Dear Zindagi first on the internet. This is the audience review of DZ movie.

The storyline of Dear Zindagi is all about unconventional thinker (Shah Rukh Khan) who is trying to help a budding cinematographer Kaira (Alia Bhatt) gain a new perspective on life. She is lost in her ways after getting ditched from various of life. When she went all the impulsive in her life, she got the helping hand in form of SRK. He goes through her character and gives her a whole new meaning of the journey which never ends.

There is a great fact about the public reviews is that they are unmodified and completely genuine. You can trust public reviews of Dear Zindagi even if you don’t have any trust in critic’s one. So here are the reviews of Dear Zindagi right below.

Dear Zindagi Public Review and Audience Opinion

Dear Zindagi Public Review

K. ‏@KavyaAnna
The subtlety, the calmness, the peace in the storm is what makes #DearZindagi one of the loveliest movie this year. Shahrukh Khan is magic on screen. Alia Bhatt is impeccable. thank you for such a beautiful movie. for something so relatable. #DearZindagi

Linda Buchanan ‏@lmpbuchanan
Just saw #DearZindagi and loved it! Reminded me how glad I am not to be 20 something anymore. Shahrukh Khan may just get all women into therapy!

J ‏@jiteshpillaai
Once in a blue moon, comes a measured, lyrical film. #DearZindagi is outstanding. The writing, the tehraav, the narrative. Congrats Gauri Shinde Every once in a while comes an actor who makes you believe in everything they do. Alia Bhatt you are the finest actor of this generation.Magic And then there’s him. Everyone will want to go to a therapist like Jahangir Khan, the magical Shahrukh Khan. Not a single false note, he’s superb

Hollywood Bollywood ‏@TukurTukurDekh

#DearZindagi is an experience.Gauri Shinde story telling works yet again! Every actor nails their respective roles.. Shahrukh Khan The King Alia Bhatt sh ines! Shahrukh Khan role is an extended cameo but he is the soul of the movie until the very end. #DearZindagiReview Shahrukh Khan The King If Hollywood has Robin Williams in Goodwill Hunting we have Shahrukh Khan in #DearZindagi So proud of him to have done this! #DearZindagiReview No 1 could’ve pulled off Jahangir.His humor,intellect & spontaneity must be inspired by real life Shahrukh Khan Well done Gauri Shinde #DearZindagi Alia Bhatt all awards are yours this yr. You go girl! I loved her in Highway but I could see she has groomed herself even more #DearZindagi Watch #DearZindagi Experience Alia Bhatt’s journey, learn 2 manage yourself, find or be a mentor, love your zindegi and spread smiles Shahrukh Khan

Dear Zindagi Public Review and Audience Opinion

Shruti T ‏@srksuperfanatic
Shahrukh Khan Alia Bhatt Omg what an engaging film. I laughed, cried, and just felt every moment of it. #DearZindagi Thank you, Gauri Shinde  Gauri Shinde Thanks for bringing real female characters to life on screen. Can relate to so many of Kaira’s struggles & emotions Alia Bhatt Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan Seriously, there needs to be a sequel or spinoff with Jug’s character. You just want to know more about him #DearZindagi Gauri Shinde Shahrukh Khan Seriously, I need a Jug in my life #DearZindagi Shahrukh Khan Some of the things you said were profound. Took the audience a few secs to absorb. Loved the use of those pauses & silences Gauri Shinde

Parul Nigam ‏@nigam_parul
#DearZindagi Alia Bhatt take a bow what a fantastic performance gal! Fan from San Francisco Gauri Shinde take a bow ! Loved #DearZindagi Shahrukh Khan wish I too had some therapist like u in my life loved #DearZindagi

Shantanu Mishra
Saw #DearZindagi Wow wat a wonderful movie. Alia Bhatt rocks. She is going to win filmfare for sure. Guari amazing direction.

Entertainment World
#DearZindagi also reveals the wrong parenting of a child #kaira when she was 2yrs old.The film is full of emotion & drama. 3.5*/5

Savio Menezes
DearZindagi is simply awesome! Alia Bhatt deserves an #Oscar! @iamsrk mature understated performance is his best ever! Take a bow @gauris

Dear Zindagi Review – The Conclusion

So far we can guess that fans are clearly demanding Oscar for Alia Bhatt. More than 100 people had raised their voices after watching the film. It would interesting to see what would be the response after release in India.

It appears most of the people who had watched the film had actually loved it. Its going to prove a record breaking opening in India for sure.

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