Dehleez 1st April 2016: Vanshika And Family Brings Marriage Proposal To Adarsh

Dehleez 1st April 2016
Dehleez 1st April 2016

Dehleez 1st April 2016 Episode 19The episode started when vanshika said that they know each other since 11 years. Suhasini said that that was so unfair Adarsh and if he told they would have not refused. She asked them to talk and then come. Vanshika’s parents were there. Suhasini and Jaya left. (check: Dehleez All Episodes.)

Adarsh said they were in school 11years ago. She said since then she liked him and sent Friend request, he accepted, and he became IAS, and she got his no and messaged him. She held her hand and said sorry.

Dehleez 1st April 2016

Swadheenta told Mami that she would come in 2-3 days and asked about Mamu and Azad. She said Azad was studying. She called him. He stated that he wanted to top and become rich. She told that he was in tension. He said no, and there was a girl, Radhika. 

She met him in college, and she was cute, and he wanted to change for her. She said he was in love. He cried and said he missed her. She said she would come in 2-3days and would plan something. He asked to give her rose on the rose day and asked if Adarsh gave and stated that he was boring.

She went out and stopped a girl and asked her name which was Geeta and enquired about the case in Subhash. She told that Banarilal filed a case, he was Leela’s first husband, and you are daughter Sudha. Geeta told her to say this to Leela.

Dehleez 1st April 2016

Swadheenta stopped her and said she felt bad. Subhash came and asked what she was doing and not to talk to strangers and asked swadhenta about his husband. She replied that he was sleepinh and went taking the jug.

She got relieved and said Adarsh had to go, one day passed and no progress and should inform to suhasini. She called her. She was busy attending guests. Vanshika’s mum said that she couldn’t find better sasural for her. Adarsh and vanshika came. Her dad signaled that boy was good. Abhay found Simmi upset and went to him.

Ahuja came and gave a bouquet to Adarsh and congratulated. He hugged Simmi and Abhay. Manohar introduced him to Vanshika’s parents. Ahuja told about his big company. Suhasini asked why he came. Manohar said he called as he was relative. He asked bundela his profession.

Dehleez 1st April 2016

Bundela replied a small business. Suhasini told about their royal background. Ahuja asked him to invest in property. He said he invested but it was a bad experience as he bought land but a cheap builder snatched and made shopping mall and told the company name. Ahuja worried and started coughing.

Bundela asked if he was okay. He made an excuse and went. Suhasini went to him and asked if relation should start with truth or lie and asked him to tell the truth to Bundela. He went and said that life is funny, and he made complex and made on simmi’s name and doesn’t know that land belonged to him.

Swadhenta called again. Suhasini said she was busy as Adarsh’s proposal talk is going on and asked about the investigation.  Adarsh looked on and made her phone fell. He picked and said soorymom the cal disconnected.

Dehleez 1st April 2016

Adarsh called Swadhenta. She asked why he is calling and asked when he was coming. She said that Subhash had seen her talking to girl and she was saved. He said that he asked her to keep door locked and would come till 7. She asked for the pic of her would-be-life-partner. He said he would bring her along and would stay pati, patni or wo. She laughed. Call ended. Ahuja and simmi heard.

All were talking. Adarsha said that both families are happy, then why to wait. Simmi said to do roka. Mrs. Bundela agreed. Adarsh got worried. Manohar hugged Bundela, suhasini hugged mrs Bundela.

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