Dilwale Review and Rating: Above average movie but failed to reach expectations

Dilwale 40th Day Collection 40 Days Dilwale 6th Tuesday Box Office
Dilwale 40th Day Collection 40 Days Dilwale 6th Tuesday Box Office

Dilwale Review and Rating: Dilwale has been finally released in Dubai and some other countries, This is the first review submitted by one of our readers. Some of the reviews have been fetched from twitter also. Dilwale is one of the first spot movie releasing this Friday along with Bajirao Mastani. The movie is now receiving mixed responses from the audiences. (see: Dilwale collection.)

Firstly people are accepting that the duo of Kajol and Shahrukh was the key combination in the whole movie and the story is not well at that level. However, despite all the criticism the movie have successfully fetched its opening in the cinemas of Dubai with house full occupancy. Chances of Bajirao Mastani have grown up better with the unsuccessfulness of this movie. Stay tuned for our review of Dilwale. Read about Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale

Now Out – Read Exclusive review of Dilwale

Positive Reviews of Dilwale Movie

Shah Rukh Khans “real” entry starts only after 30 mins.SRK is.Kaali! This is Rohit Shetty’s version of Hum/Baasha. – SRKVELLOREFC

Not up to the level of Main Hoon Na & Om Shanti Om…but still #Dilwale is watchable (3☆/5)- @PrincePrithvi

Congratulations bro. You were fabulous in Dilwale. Watched today and loved it immensely. Congrats from Super Cinemas Pakistan. – Khuram Gultasab

watched #Dilwale today – Disappointing venture for me , only good thing was watching Kajol-Shahrukh together on big screen.
Boring movie! – drejazwaris

Dilwale review: Actions are really good and realistic. Best film of Rohit Shetty. Didn’t expect this kind of film from him. Rating: 4/5

One of the best films of SRK since #OSO. Full on comedy, romance, drama & action. Movie starts with Varun. Story has twist and turns. Content is really good. Movie is very entertaining & intense love story – Box Office Real

Perfect combination of drama, love & action in dilwale style. The best rohit shetty movie. special mention to exotic locations and production design. content is very appealing, movie is very entertaining throughout and emotional towards ending.expect Hurricane at the BO, Sky is the limit. – Industry Spoilerz

Dilwale Negative Reviews

I watched #Dilwale it’s worst then #hny so boring nothing new please return my money – @sushilsapkota27Dilwale it’s worst then #hny so boring nothing new please return my money – @sushilsapkota27

Watched #Dilwale today -Disappointing venture, only good thing was watching Kajol, SRK together on big screen.- @BollyFunMasti

Just watched Dilwale. Biggest flop movie of the year. Ise acha first hates story 3 Jake Dekho – Arif

So which movie you are going to watch this weekend, tell us in comments.

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  1. We watched Dilwale at VOX cinema in Dubai with family. I am not SRK or Rohit Shettys fan but we loved Dilwale. It’s one the best film from Rohit Shetty. It’s worth a watch with a Action, drama and fun. We will surely watch again

    • thanga mahan is a big flop movie i feel. The film does not have content to move the screenplay. second half was just dragging the movie simply to complete 123 mins. Dhanush was boring enough failed to meet people expectations. Thangamahan should have rated as A Certificate. I Thing the censor board failed to follow their norms. I feels like they have taken money from dhanush circle to release the film with Non A certifcate. My question for dhanush is ” have you shown this movie to your children” Please answer this question with your open heart. This is a sex movie you must say! My kind advice for public is ” Do not watch this movie with your family, especially teenage girls and children”. This movie will sit on your childrens heart and take them to wrong path defenetely!.

  2. Watched Dilwale,,,best movie of the year going to watch again on sunday 2 times, best movie of the year 1000 cr business is expected

  3. Just watched the movie. It was an average affair. OK for a one-time watch, by no means “movie of the year” as was being anticipated. SRK and Kajol looked cool but the script was weak. At 50 and having ruled Bollywood for 25 years, its about time SRK started picking up well-scripted movies.

  4. Watched Dilwale. I give 1* (Because 0 will look much fail) .The plot was F**king Poor, No story as expected. Cheap Comedy Dialogues, Poor Action stunts..Really, loved Kirti sanon in emotional scenes and Acting by Varun was phenominal. But SRK- Kajol jodi charm didn’t worked this time. It was like seeing Golmaal -2 once again when Mithun meets her old wife. Same f**king boring feeling. They tried to create a suspense and twist in story, but they couldn’t create as everything was Predictable as a “Revenge Story”

    For those guys who think it is “Romatic Movie” . It’s a big no from my side. There is no Romance as expected. There are bad / cheap jokes which will make you leave out theatres in less than 10 minutes .and many of people litrally slept in the second Half.

    Poor Action, the car stunts look real but action was 0* deserving. I wonder why SRK signs such film. On the end note i would say the Film is Better than “Happy New Year” but no as good as “Chennai Express” . Watch “Hate story 3” rather than this or Book tickets for “Bajirao Mastani” (Bajirao mastani gt standing ovation in Pakistan and 4*/5* ) ..Don’t waste money on #SRK movie without Worth.

    And at Last “F**K YOU ROHIT SHETTY” for giving such retardic role and bogus film plot for this evergreen Jodi..

  5. Everyone take a look on last comment. Surely this man is SRK Hater and spreading unnecessary negativeness for DILWALE.

    Freind my freind also watched dilwale and according to him it has everything to become the huge grosser. So if you are supporter of Bajirao Mastani or a fan of films Actors talks good for Bajirao instead of giving negative remarks without watching…

    • “Freind my freind also watched dilwale and according to him it has everything to become the huge grosser”

      Seriously man.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate the art in the film not how much money or big names are in it. Its not about SRK hate or anything. Its about making good movies. The last actual good movie SRK made was chuck de India after that he has become money minded and lost his acting mojo. I dont want to speak about rohit shetty. I liked his first GoalMaal. After that his movies are below average. The day we start thinking and watching good movies then these directors will think and make good movies otherwise they want us to waste our money on blowing cars and flying cars. Honestly for SRK this movie is just an effort to answer the collection of 3 idiots, PK so that he will be in that category. But not good for bollywood Movies

  6. @ Egor Homakov, don’t lie BM banned in Pakistan so how they gave 4 stars. n I found that u r hater of srk so we don’t care abt ur review

  7. Yar shahrukh ke movie agar flop bhi hojaye tau b kuch farq na paraiga KING IS ALWAYS KING got it SRK haters

  8. I am sorry but as i watched the trailor i didt feel any urge for watching the movie…i am sorry:) Rohot shethy has not aquired the level yet:)….My choice anyway…no offence

  9. To the a*shol** who r not the fans of srk ..if u don’t like den y do u see it first day ….plz don’t comment negative comments

  10. I’m keep an open mind to miracles, that is if this movie could still turn out to be good, despite the below average promos. But I was wrong. The movie is so bad, and we are all to blame for blindly following the star cast. Rohit Shetty did not disappoint with his Shitty Direction as i did not expect anymore from him. Moreover the script was probably given to some highschool kid for his homework assignment. The color grading of the movie looks like an Overblown Android screen, watch Gerua for instance. I think I lost a bit of IQ today after watching this piece of crap.

  11. Crappy. Really bad. Is this a reflection of audience?! Why do they make such experimental movies that are sheer waste of money. This shows that it’s really the director/script writer and other behind the scene crew that define the level of movie – Actors are merely doing their part. SRK has been lucky in 90s with Mr Chopra and KJo.. Kajol shouldn’t have signed this low IQ folderol drama called Dilwale ( i.e. Not Dimag-wale)

  12. I am not a big fan of srk (i have beared with HNY, RA one)but my friends forced me to come with them so unwillingly i went to see this idiotic movie. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped some miracle to happen but within 25 minutes of movie i realised that i have wasted my 300 rs on this boring movie. Nothing new in the script, looked just like watching a south indian movie with lots of over acting from srk and varun. Poor editing with no suspense as shown in trailer or romance between the two couples. Rohit shetty is best known for making illogical movies but in this movie, he has raised his standard. no noteworthy songs except gerua (credits to arijit singh). Whole storyline looks crappy with cheap jokes and sudden change in plot, the flow misses completely as if a trainee story writer would have written it. Not much for kriti in movie who according to me was the only person who seem to be acting others just looked plastic. What sort of person names his son kaali who has crores of property as he is mafia king, this is complete nonsense . As the time passes one is only left with a feeling of self pity that we all are wasting our money just to hire seats for 2 -3 hours because we get bore on weekends sitting home and what we get in the end is zero entertainment. Its high time that bollywood stars realize that they should not play with their fans emotion. the day is not that far away when no one will turn up to see your movies even if its a gem. You could see by yourself what has happened with shahid and ranbir kapoor. their future looks very dark and we dont want this to happen with you or salman khan who is the king of overacting and making illogical movie. Plus you hike charges for your movie which is totally unacceptable. Wasting 100 rs on a idiotic movie is very different from wasting 300 rs, we deserve what we pay for and consistently you have failed to deliver. I believe that shahrukh should do movies more like chak de india or swades which are critically acclaimed because whichever movies you do people will come to see it, but at least they would take back sweet memories from film and not headache just like from dilwale. I believe he should consult from irfan khan or nawazuddin siddiquie who are the finest actors present in india today which are beyond script. they bring life to their character and makes it worth remembering, last time shahrukh did it was in chak de india. The greed for money has made him blind i guess that he keeps making such kind of film again and again. If this remains same, the dynasty of king khan is on verge of extinction and actor like ranvir singh, akshay kumar hritik roshan will surpass him in no time.

  13. Half Story copied from “Basha/Hum”, scene copied from “Mission Impossible 2”. If one can’t afford his girlfriend why can’t he go and die, please at least write a convincing story. A good script writer should have his own ideas, not to copy from Hollywood or regional language movies. If you want to copy, try Korean, Spanish etc 🙂 Normally people won’t watch that 🙂

  14. Im sorry.. i feel a bit disappointed with Dilwale. No doubt the effects and songs are beautiful but I don’t feel much love in there. The combination of perfect couple is good but their moment shouldn’t be wasted. People around the world are waiting to see them both and never expect too much distracted comedy with less value. Love is in the air again! thats what i heard when they try to promote this movie. I dont see love but revenge.

    Muhammad Ferris Hafizi Bin Dato Ramli

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