Dishoom 3rd / 4th Day Box Office Collection 1st Sunday / Weekend / Monday Total Report: John Abraham’s film in first weekend

Dishoom 3rd day box office collection and sunday earnings report
Dishoom 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

Dishoom 3rd / 4th Day Collection 3 / 4 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend / Monday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Varun Dhawan and John Abraham’s Dishoom movie opened with a great pace on the box office. During the last month, we haven’t observed the good performance of any Bollywood film, except Sultan. (check: Sultan collection.)

The film opens with a hope that BO is back in its original condition. Last week’s release, Irrfan Khan’s Madaari proved to be nonblockbuster on box office. Having hardships to manage its expenses, Madaari faced a total backlash. Despite getting positive reviews, the film missed a great audience. (Also See: Dishoom Review)

Dishoom 3rd Day Collection

3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

Dishoom third day collections become important for the entire industry as the dates of many upcoming releases are going to be finalized accordingly. The film made on speculative business was a speculation itself.

Produced with a monster budget of 84 crore rupees, the flick stands as one of the most expensive affairs for the entire industry. Many other films had released this year with more than 50 crore rupees budget.

Sultan was the most profitable deal for producers during the week. Its also the fact that according to some reports, Salman Khan had charged 100 crore rupees fees from the producers, which leave only 350 crore rupees for the producers. The figure is before charging the production costs of 70 crore rupees and advertising costs of 20 crores.

Dishoom 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

The flick doesn’t stand behind in the reports, after analyzing the initial response. Having expensive cast was one of the biggest challenges for the fickle. Jacqueline has gone popular among the masses after her last film; Housefull 3 was also among her one of the credible work during this year. Having an item song with Parineeti Chopra had also incurred enormous costs.

The other main things which constitute this budget was shooting in Gulf countries. For the last shot, helicopters were specially hired with trained pilots. According to some reports, the ending heroic shot had incurred an expense of more than 7 crore rupees in itself.

The film was released on over more than 3000 screens throughout the India. The reason the talkie was able to get such big release was no competition. Kya Kool Hai Hum flopped very badly during the last week. There was no good release regarding BO since 3 weeks.

Dishoom 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

The talkie received plenty of good response from the potential countries like UAE and USA. The eastern market had also suggested the figures crossing 1 million $ from overseas for this weekend. However, the reports are delayed as the figure was not able to pass a big mark.

Madari has released a week ago but didn’t receive much response. 3000 was a significant number for the movie as many other famous actors had suffered to get this much wide release.

During the opening day, occupancy in morning shows remains quite significant. During the morning, occupancy of around 30-35% observed throughout the India. The figure was not great but substantial as the night shows on Friday somehow reaches 50% occupancy.

Dishoom 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

The fill out rate was similar on a successive day. The film remains popular among the teenagers. Despite getting protests at various levels by film critics, around 3% increase was observed on the 1st day of the weekend.

The movie was average everywhere in India with rather better numbers in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and UP. On a subsequent day, Dishoom Collection took a raise but that was not enough, mere 11.90 crores were earned on Saturday.

1st day – 11.05 crore

2nd day – 12.20 crore

Dishoom 3rd day collection  – 14.25 crore

Dishoom 4th Day Collection – Rs. 5.70 cr

Dishoom 4 Days Box Office Collections – Rs. 43.20 cr (domestic) + Rs. 14.20 cr (overseas) = Rs. 57.22 cr (worldwide)

3 Days Dishoom 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office

Reports for the Sunday were much positive; the film received a good raise. The average responses turn out to be on the positive ones as Dishoom collections crossed the figure of 13 crores on Sunday. The overall earnings of first 3 days stand to 37 crore rupees.

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