Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016 Episode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum latest episode is out. Everyone in the house is preparing eagerly for Sangeet. Mahek is desperately trying to hide the truth. Did the truth come out? Take a look.

Diya Aur Baati Hum Thursday Episode

The episode begins with Bhabho saying I think Sooraj ad Sandhya were talking about having a baby. She continues saying Sandhya is pregnant and Babasa says great and Sandhya thinks what is Bhabho thinking. Sandhya says she misunderstood as we were talking about getting a pet. Sooraj says I don’t think so and Bhabho says just looking at his face, mt tiredness goes away. Babasa nods to everything and smiles. (Also See: Diya Aur Baati Hum Last Episode)

He says why didn’t they tell us earlier and Bhabho says They told me indirectly and Sandhya thinks maybe Bhabho will understand once we tell her the truth. Vikram comes to Meenakshi and screams seeing her face covered with face mask and he asks what is that and she says it’s ladies matter and she asks is she looking like the moon? He says I don’t think so and he says Mahek was like a marble and she would even shine in the darkness and she steps on his legs and he says it’s just an appreciation and she says you are just like Babasa, he too fancies Resham. He says competition is tough and she says we will see who will look fairer tomorrow.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016

The next morning, Mahek looks confused and thinks of hiding the truth again. She goes to Resham and starts off with her fake tears and Arzoo comes there and says I will dance throughout Sangeet as it is mine and Resham asks her to dance to the fullest. Mahek prays for the floor. Mahek thinks if she dances, Mushtandi’s truth will be out and thinks of doing something.

Sandhya practises dance and Sooraj says Chulbul’s entry is set now and she says well done and sees the honeymoon packages. He says Thailand and she say Dubai and he says men love to go to the calm and peaceful place and she says women love to do shopping with their husband.


They argue and she stands on his feet and kisses him on his cheek and asks Dubai is final and he says yes and says you have this art of making me agree with whatever you say and she says I will use this to my fullest. She says she will go and see Arzoo and others how their dance preparations are going. The guys see Rathi family and are surprised to see them in Muslim attires and they say it is for Bakshi family sake and to their surprise, Bakshi family come in Rajasthani attires and they welcome them in Rajasthani style and Rathi family says Aadaab and they all smile. Sandhya hugs Resham and thanks her for giving such a good surprise.

Mahek thinks now no one will think of Pakistan and she smiles and signs her husband and she leaves and Meenakshi goes after her and sees her husband asking her money and she says I spent it on shopping and Meenakshi enters and says Shayari and they have a smile and Meenakshi say we do jokes with Samdhis in India, and takes her to Sangeet as it is about to begin.

Babasa does Shayari for Resham and she smile and Bhabho stares at him. Sandhya asks about Arzoo and Resham claps and everyone looks at one side and see Arzoo sitting on flowers and smiles seeing Chotu. Mahek gets calls from courier company and asks the man to send the packet to that address as the truth will be out if it is taken to Rathi house. Meenakshi goes to her and says whose gift is this? Mahesh asks him where to sign and Bhabho stops her and asks him why did he not send it and he says I can’t as it has Pakistan’s address and Mahek get tensed and closes eyes and Bhabho drops the packet nd sees Mahek.

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