Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015 Wednesday Episode – Star Plus

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015: DABH Wednesday episode is out. Finally, Bhabho is about to take a look at what Sandhya did in the house. Did she win Bhabho’s heart? Did Bhabho agree to go on a vacation? Wel, take a look. (see: DABH last episode.)

The episode begins with Bhabho and Emily reaching home and are shocked to see house very tidy. Bhabho goes towards the cupboard and Sandhya stops her and asks her to take a look at the kitchen and the curd she prepared. Bhabho says fine, let me see. She says Kitchen is perfect and you have also cleaned spider webs too. The Shrikhand looks good too. Sandhya says as she is the Bahu of the house, she has done a lot of hard work to keep the house clean and asks Bhabho whether she could pack her bags or not? Bhabho says hw can this miracle in my house. Meenakshi tries to say and Sooraj stops her. Babasa says this miracle can only happen in this house. Sandhya gets excited nd asks Bhabho about her decision. Bhabho says fine, We will go abroad. Everyone get delighted and are happy with the decision.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015

Daisa comes and asks why are they dancing. Pari says Dada and Dadi are going to Mauritius. Daisa asks which village is this? Everyone laugh and say it is abroad. Daisa says congratulations and asks for a torch. Bhabho says it’s in the cupboard and Meenakshi is happy as everything will be out now. Bhabho opens and everything falls from it. (catch: All Episodes of Dia Aur Bati Hum.)

Daisa laughs and Sandhya says those are Kadai and clean clothes. I left only this place.  Everyone is tensed and Babasa says it was my mistake. Sooraj yes, let’s just leave that and I have booked the tickets too. Let’s do the packing. Bhabho says no, I am no going anywhere as you all have cheated me. You all were helping Sandhya and Sandhya says.

No Bhabho I did the entire work and I put m 100% and I haven’t any family member help. Sooraj says you have given us so much and give us a chance to pay you back. Please go on the vacation, say, everyone. Bhabho says this is called family and I will go for your happiness. Everyone get glad. Daisa asks for torch and Babasa gets her a lantern.


Mohit recalls Komal’s words and thinks of arranging money. He thinks that Sooraj is the easiest way of all and asks him Rs 50,000. He says he need it urgently and he asks him to give 1 month time so that he can arrange it for him. Mohit says he has no time as he has taken parlor items on loan. S

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th November 2015

ooraj asks him to give him at least 15 days. Mohit asks him to give the money which he kept for Bhabho and Basa. Sooraj says he will not touch that money as it is a gift to the parents. Sooraj says that he will arrange money from his shop as it is running well. Mohit says it’s not a shop, it’s a stall and it’s hard to arrange Rs 50,000 from this stall. Sooraj looks depressed.

Mohit sees Bhabho giving money to Sandhya saying that this money was kept for Lalima’s marriage. Sandhya says not to worry as she will keep it fine and Bhabho says now that you are here, I have nothing to worry. Vikram comes happily and asks for Meenakshi. Misri says Mum has gone to Pahadi Wale Baba. Vikram says, out of all time I needed her the most, she is gone now. Bhabho asks what’s the matter?

Vikram says that tourists are here, the guide is a friend of mine and he said that he will get them to his shop. As there are many tourists, I can;t handle them all.Misri says I will help you. Sandhya says we will  help you and Bhabho to say yes. Vikram says now that the entire is here, I don’t have anything to worry. Mohit thinks that this is the perfect chance for him to seek the money. He goes to Sandhya’s cupboard and takes the money. He turns and is shocked.

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