Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016 Thursday Episode – Star Plus

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2016
Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016: DABH latest episode is out. Chotu is a family member now in Rathi’s house? What are the changes happening in Bhabho’s house? Take a look. (see: DABH last episode.)

The episode begins with Meenakshi saying is this house or any Dharamsala. She says she is thinking od lessening people in the house of Bhabho is just adding and growing more. She asks Emily not to cut vegetables and she says no the family is big. I must cut them Bhabho asks Meenakshi not to worry and says Chotu will get what is written for him. The scene shifts to Pakistan where Arzoo smiles watching Salman’s song and Reshma asks her not to hide and watch the song.


Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016

She says the good news is visa got approved and they can fly to India and says you forget everything while watching a song and says your neighbor always scolds you. She says Salman can be your Bhai Jaan and Arzoo says he is just Salman to me and Reshma says her Chachi is waiting for her and asks her to thank her and Arzoo says no thanks and sorry in friends ship. (see: DABH all episodes.)

Sandhya and all see Chotu sad and think of how to  make him smile. A girl and stares at Chotu and Bhabho ask what do he want and she says I want to learn to make papads and Bhabho says girls must do the household work and another girl comes and asks for curd and Bhabho goes to get it. Sandhya and all see this girl too staring at Chotu.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016

Sandhya tells Bhabho about these girls and says their mums didn;t send them here, they want to stare Chotu and says Chotu is the Salman Khan of our hanuman gali. Bhabho shoo’s them off and Chotu smiles. Sandhya asks Bhabho did she find any girl for Chotu and she says Chotu’s wife will be a princess and we must get her from far away land.

Arzoo sees song and smiles and finds neighbor shouting at a puppy and Arzoo says what’s wrong with its color and she says I will shut you and comes down to help the puppy. Bhabho says let’s believe that our Chotu gets a bahu like Sandhya to me. Bhabho says Chotu’s wife must be an Annapurna avatar like me. Arzoon runs on the terrace and hides and she sees the woman shutting the puppy in a room and waits for the woman to leave so that she could free the puppy.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016

Sandhya says Bhabho wanted such wife for Sooraj, but fate got me here. Meenakshi says so I am Bhabho’s favorite. Bhabho says I was wrong and everyone laugh. I though Meenakshi is a cow but she is a fox, Emily and Mohit did love marriage. Sandhya is the opposite of me and she can;t even make papad well. I think at least for Chotu, I will get the one which I choose.

Arzoo takes the puppy and miles. She asks the puppy to her friend and says I knkow a guy and a girl can’t be friends. Bhabho says she must be delicate even if she falls on the flower she must leave a mark. The lady shuts Arzoo and asks where are you taking this and she asks her to let her go. If she has goo in her heart she will take it to heaven.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th January 2016

The lady says it ill leave you, but I hope some car must come and pick you up very soon and she too says we will go together.Bhabho says I want the one who minds her own business and doesn;t interfere with others and listens to me. The lady says I will call everyone and tell about you and Arzoo asks puppy not to be scared and tells Salman’s lines.

Arzoo thinks of escaping. The lady calls everyone and says Arzoo is taking it away and I fell it as unlucky. Arzoo kicks the door and it falls and Arzoo catches the puppy and comes out. they all look shocked. Arzoo breaks the heavy door and she says if you stare at me like this you will fall in love with me. She smiles and walks away and Reshma matches Chotu and Arzoo’s pics and chuckles saying Aryana and Arzoo, what a beautiful pair.

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