Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015 Tuesday Episode – Star Plus

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015: DABH latest episode is out. This Tuesday revolves around Sooraj, Bhabho and Sandhya. Did Sandhya know what Bhabho is hiding? What happened in the jail? Take a look. (see: Last Episode of DABH.)

The episode begins with Lalima going to Rathi house and it looks like a mess. Meenakshi is requesting to have some food and take medicines and he says he doesn’t want any. Lalima says what happened to this family. The absence of Bhabho and Sooraj had made this. Ved and Golu drop a glass of water and Ved asks Meenakshi why didn;t she scolds Golu and asks why is everyone sad.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015

Golu says something is happening as you are not even allowing us to go out and play. Emily says excuses and Meenakshi remove cable too. Meenakshi takes the kids away and says he is unable to lie. Lalima cries. The next morning, everyone come to the court and Meenakshi worries about Bhabho as her health is bad. (see: All Episodes of Dia Aur Bati Hum.)

The prosecution lawyer starts presenting some witnesses which he gathered in which it shows Bhabho going to the jeweler at so and so time and other witness saying Sooraj coming to repair a puncture at some time. The lawyer says as we all know Bhabho has done this and asks does she have anything to say.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015

Sandhya wishes Bhabho to ope up and The lawyer starts mocking Bhabho. He says well, this is an entertaining family as the Mother has killed her son and doesn’t reveal the motive and son tries to take that crime onto himself and the witnesses get kidnapped by their own famiy memebers and the elder son kidnaps his own wife who is investigating this case. Isn’t that exciting?

Looks like Bhabho is the main head of all his and she is the one who made all of this to happen. Look at this, Maa is silent. This family if full of cheats and lies. He says Mother is considered as the first teacher and here she killed her own son. This is just bizarre. Sandhya thinks to do something and the lawyer asks does she has anything to say and she satys silent and he judgesays the decison will be delivered at 2 p.m.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2015

Sandhya goes to Bhabho and says you are doing great, let them taunt us and als neighbors burrow us with their words. She says yo must stay quiest Bhabho as this silence can help many more motehrs to give out new Mohit’s who would even join to destry all the relations.

The lawyer says now this clear that Santhosh is defintely not and ideal mother for this socety and Bhabho cires as judge asks does she have anything to say and Sandhy’s words fill up in her head and she starts saying. She isgoing to Pushkar witth Sooraj and on the way SOoraj’s bike tyre was punctured and he asksed her to wait and goe sto the puncture.

Bhabho sees Lalima over ther and folows him and is shocked tosee Mohit. He is drunk and stares at Lalima. She falls on ethw ell and Bhabho joins the scne and asks is he gone mad and he too pushes Bhabho away and she too falls. Sooraj comes there and goes to stop Mohit and flashback ends. Emily and everyone cry as Bhabho keeps revealing the truth


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