Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2016 Friday Episode

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th February 2016
Diya Aur Baati Hum new episode is out. Bhabho comes to know about Chulbul and did she accept Chulbul? Take a look.
The episode begins with Bhabho asking everyone to come for Mu Dikahi rasam and Chotu and Arzoo sit. Sooraj asks him is the gift ready ad he says yes. He goes to lift the ghungat and Sooraj stops him and asks  him to tell the chann first and reminds that Arzoo teased him for not saying any chann and Chotu lifts her ghungat and says chann and Arzoo smiles. Everyone smile for chan and he gifts her. Meenakshi opens the gift and sprays the perfume and Arzoo sneezes and Sandhya asks her to stop  and says maybe Arzoo is allergic and Meenakshi says Chotu’s first gift didn’t go well for Arzoo and Arzoo says if she can’t use it then she will keep it safe and everyone smile and Sooraj tells these are called emotions filled with love and says he is lucky to get a wife like Arzoo.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th February 2016

Sooraj gifts Arzoo from his and also Sandhya’s side and says it is a cell phone and she can call Resham as many times as she wants from here and Arzoo feels happy and says sorry to Sandhya. She thinks of senior words and Sooraj asks her to go and cancel her leave and says it is pride feeling to stay in anti-Terrorism squad. Meenakshi too gifts Arzoo something and Bhabho says even I want to fit you something and asks her what does she want and she says Chulbul and Bhabho says no to Chulbul as it can bite anyone. SHe says not this time and Meenakshi thinks what might be in that box.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th February 2016

Later Arzoo is with Sooraj at his sweet shop and she says he always makes Bhabho annoyed and he says even Sandhya used to be like this and says all her wrong doings. Arzoo says then how did this happen? and he says all her sacrifices has won her hearts and Bhabo accepted her. Sooraj says you are far more better than Sandhya as she didn’t knew anything and says Arzoo that Bhabho like her bahu who does all responsibilities. Arzoo smiles and says she will live up to her expectations. Meenakshi checks envelope and counts all the money and says Chotu is lucky as he has got a Jhalli. Arzoo is trying to  impress Bhabho and asks her does she need any help and Bhabho asks her to rest as neighbours might think wrong of her. Meenakshi can manage and Meenakshi asks Arzoo to play tabla on Bhabho’s head and Bhabho asks her to stop. Arzoo thinks of Sooraj’s words nad goes again to Bhabho. Bhabho asks her to increase wick length for more light in temple. Arzoo smiles and goes.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that everyone is making fun of her and calling Arzoo a mustandi. Bhabho asks her to stay silent as she is trying to thread a needle. Bhabho gets some voice and goes and gets shocked seeing Arzoo. Sooraj gets a call from Sandhya that it’s too late and I am out of the squad because of Arzoo’s mistake.

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