Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015 Monday Episode | Star Plus : Who is the actual culprit?

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015DABH Monday episode is out. Finally, the time has come for Sandhyas she is being targeted as the worst by someone. Someone does a shameful thing ad shows as if Sandhya was responsible for it. What actually happened? Did Sandhya do anything? Who is the actual culprit? Take a look. (check: DABH last episode.)

The episode begins with a lady saying that they have come to rescue Sandhya. She shows her some video where Sandhya talks to Bharat and sees that someone has edited and filled trash in it as Sandhya talking about Bhabho very badly. She asks the ladies to leave as she didn’t ask to come and help her. Mohit says that Sandhya has gone far and insulted Bhabho. The lady asks Bhabho to apologise to her. Sandhya says, they don’t have the right to ask her Bhabho to say that.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015

Bhabho says, I will apologise as she is country’s daughter and I will apologise her for mother in Law’s tortures. I have to bend down to apologise to he big Police Officer. Sandhya collapses on tears. bhabho says that she has done injustice to her and I will fold my hands to apologise to you. Sandhya kept crying and Meenakshi says it’s so wrong as Mum in law is apologising to Bahu, bu actually it must be Bhabho giving blessings to Bahu. Looks like, Sandhya has shut her final door to Rathi Family. (watch: All Episodes of Dia Aur Bati Hum.)

Sooraj calls up Bharat and shows the video. Bharat is shocked to see the edited video and says these are;t our words. Sandhya respects Bhabho a lot. Sandhya says I know it and ends the call. Sooraj thinks something is fishy about the gun matter and also this thing too. He decides to pacify Sandhya nd also track for the one who did it. Vikram stops him and says Bhabho health is declined as her bp went down. He and Sandhya rush to Bhabho and asks her to have some food.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015

She says she is fasting and Laima gets her some lemon water. Bhabho says no to it and says at least with this fast, Sooraj will get some sense and will take the right decision. Meenakshi asks him to take his decision fast. Sooraj thinks that he can;t hurt Sandhya and Bhabho anymore and goes to the recording shop where it all happened. He asks the shop owner about who sat beside them. He says that he will give him the CCTV footage as it is not clear yet. Sooraj asks him to send it to him at the earliest. (read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.)

Meenakshi and Emily are in the market. Emily says she is shocked to see Sandhya going this far to insult Bhabho. Meenakshi says this Karwachauth will decide who will be our Bahu. Suddenly she sees a girl wearing her saree which was stolen and rushes to her. She says that it is her shop’s saree and asks how can she steal it. The girl says that it was gifted to her by her boyfriend. Meenakshi tries to taunt her, but the girl twists her and says she will get her arrested. Emily is searching for Meenakshi. She sees Mohit with the girl and sees girl complaining about Meenakshi. Emily is shocked to see a girl with Mohit and he even introduces her to Emily as normal.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015

Komal says Oh poor Emily has kept fast for you. Mohit says when there is no love, what is this Karwachauth. She is just doing it to show it to the family. They leave for a coffee.Emily feels annoyed and breaks her fast crying and eating. Suddenly Sandhya spots her passing in a rickshaw  and gets down. She sees her crying and asks her what happened. Did you break your fast? She says yes and cries. She hugs her in pain.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd November 2015

Sandhy asks her to tell what all happened as everyone is watching them. Emily says that there is nothing between her and Mohit. She is helpless. Sandhya asks her to talk to Bhabho and she might  talk to Mohit. Emily says it’s just a compromise and I am helpless in front of the fate. She even says even you are a big police officer and can’t settle your matter your matter. We both are helpless in front of fate and leaves. Sandhya cries hearing her words. Bhabho sits with a gloomy face and Lalima asks her to come to come for Karwachauth Pooja. Sooraj is seen talking to someone and says his family is having a tough time right now and he says he is doing it to save his family. (also: Kumkum Bhagya.)

Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH)2nd November 2015 episode ended here. Stay tuned for more news and updates. Don’t forget to share.

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