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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015: Today’s episode started when Bharat called Sandhya as he wondered to meet her because he was passing by her city. She agreed to meet him at the restaurant. They met at the venue. However, he got late because of the rush at the Rathi Mishtann Bhandaar. She re-confirmed him if he went there or not. Bharat replied that he has learnt a lot from her and Sooraj which has filled him with enough courage and determination. On the other hand, Lokesh was also present there with his friend. Lokesh spotted them and wondered about their on-going discussions. (see: DABH last episode.)

Sandhya said that there is nothing as such and only situations teach everyone a lot. Further, she added that she has been away from her family for 8 long months and in this time period they had to bear many difficult times on their own. She, then, said that her Bhabho is annoyed at her for faking her death, she loved her as a mother such that she even forgot her real mother-father. However, she admitted that she has failed to carry the daughter-in-laws responsibility till now. She felt that it is the time to quit the job and serve the family as she is needed at home more.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015

Bharat agreed and respected her feelings, but said that the country needs the talented officers like her. On the other, love has its own place and it’s not one-sided, the family love her, but as of now is just annoyed at her, he told her. Then, he offered the sweets prepared by Suraj. She ate them. He, further, advised her not to lose faith and courage. She agreed with him and said that she will win this battle and thanked him. Lokesh recorded a small part of their conversation and thought that she have to lose it as his sister needed to win it. (watch: All Episodes of Dia Aur Bati Hum.)

Sooraj had a conversation with Ved regarding the gun as how it was found downstairs. Ved replied that someone may have put it there intentionally. Suraj wondered about the thief. On the other hand, Meenakshi came home shouting that some sarees from her shop got stolen, then she cried and cursed like she does at every bad situation. Further, she said that she will catch the thief with Sandhya. Bhabho looked her and Meenakshi apologized for it. In the meantime, Mohit wondered if Meenakshi knew that he stole those sarees. (read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.)

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015

Sandhya and Sooraj boiled the leaves in order to give relief to Bhabho’s treatment. Babasa arrived when they were boiling and asked Suraj why is she doing all these stuff when Bhabho has already declined to accept her and what hope does she have. Sandhya replied that she is being a little selfish because she loves her Bhabho and mother-daughter relation can’t be broken. Then, Babasa blessed her and left. Suraj said that he has already told her that everything is going to fine. However, he was still worried about the person who place the gun downstairs and who doesn’t want to get things fine between Sandhya and Bhabho.

On the other hand, Lalima told Lokesh that the recording will be their weapon against Sandhya and she will lose this time and will regret leaving behind Sooraj and his family. She added that she is just waiting for tomorrow when Suraj will be hers for forever. Next morning, Meenakshi asked Vikram to pick one hand while pointing out both the hands. He questioned her so as to why. She replied that she eagerly awaits for the decision between Sandhya and Lalima.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015

Ladies gathered in the house and said that Bhabho has called all of them here for the Karva Chauth occasion and then, asked about the arrangements for the festival. Meenakshi said that this time it will different. One lady from the crowd asked about the number of daughter-in-laws (bahu) coming for the festival. Suddenly, Bhabho appeared and said 3. Another lady asked her to prepare them for the dance as well as they will accept no excuses. Bhabho replied that she has already Mehendi designer. Then, she handed over the Karwa pots to Meenakshi and Emily and blessed them too. Sandhya and Lalima proceeded to receive the third pot from her.

Sandhya cried while Lalima smiled at her condition. All of a sudden there came the voice protesting Bhabho and in support of Sandhya. The protesters were asking Bhabho to apologize to her. They were carrying banners and media also arrived there inside the house. Bhabho stopped them saying that she is Santosh Rathi and asked about their identities.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015

One lady among the protestors questioned Bhabho that how can she do this kind of injustice to her daughter-in-law who is an IPS officer and has served the country with utmost sincerity. The lady further asked her that is she just another person who doesn’t want to give liberty and freedom to her daughter-in-law and just want to bind them to their ┬áhome. She continued that if is this so then what’s the difference between you and such kind of men who have the same thinking towards women.

Sooraj interrupted and said that they must have been mistaken as Bhabho hasn’t done anything such. The lady continued to speak and said to Sandhya that she didn’t need to worry as Mahila Mandal is with her. Sandhya also said that they are mistaken and asked them who told about this all to them. However, the lady said you are saying so being afraid of her mother-in-law, but no need to worry as she is the inspiration for all the women in the country.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015

Sandhya tried to explain that her Bhabho has not like others instead she supported her at every point in her life and helped to become IPS officer. The lady, then, showed her a video and asked to watch it as she herself told the truth. Sandhya replied to them this video is edited in a wrong way and moreover, she didn’t approach them for her help. Meanwhile, Bhabho replied that Sandhya ji, it’s the right of every woman to be free from a mother-in-law’s tortures and then she said that she has to apologize to her now. Then, Sandhya cried.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st October 2015
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  1. So finally the old bag gets sick. About time she realises that her life today is being kept alive because of this kind hearted daughter in law who put her own risk and donated a kidney. She is such an ungrateful old bitch.

    Now what can Lalima do to save her??? I don’t she realises that Sandhya saved Pushkar from the bomb. This foolish woman lives in a cocoon ill treating her daughter in law when her own daughter is a high handed little spoilt bag of thrash.

    Boot out Lalima the scrounger and her brother and make peace in the Raathi home.

    This is the very reason why we watch this teledrama overseas, because of the beautiful family values which Sandhya inspires on all of them.

    • I also agree with this coment . But i think everything will come on a right track soon . Its because Sandiya’s simplicity and kindness who does’nt want believe and even wish to see two faced Lalima and all ugly tricks of Lokesh ,Mohit gong ! But truth shall be revealed .As i think it is Suraj who will find out that who is behind all these . He an intelligent guy indeed . An IPS officer’s husbent who vowed to be with his wife in sickness and happyness. He might not be literally an educated one but a man with wisdom and farsightness . Bhabo will also regret for her misconception . A little learning is very dangerous . People like her and most of the familymembers are very shortsighted and stupid . If IPS Sandiya Rathi woulden’nt have made such abig sacrifice these people could’ent be even alive today for raising their fingers on her! Sandiya and Suraj two are diya aur bati together .They are destined to be together . No way Lalima is a match for rathi’s . But while the production is so hungry for TRPS we viewers have to tolerate and go through this agony .

  2. I love you Sandhya! Love all your sarees and jewerly! You are very pretty! You and Sooraj have such good chemistry together in DABH!

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