Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date: Spoilers, Trailer, Rumors, Cast, News and Updates

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date: Spoilers, Trailer, Rumors, Cast, News and Updates: Doctor Who season 10 has made to wait more than 12 months now. The fans have been waiting eagerly to see TARDIS in a new installment for so long. Now, the ardent fans have believed the fact that there will be no new series of the show in 2016.

The BBC show has gone a long break after its ninth season. Here we have everything which you need to know about the series from Doctor Who release date to season 10 spoilers to cast and the replacement of Jenna Coleman.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date

The show is not going to air until spring 2017. The controller of BBC One, Charlotte Moore has moved the air date to early 2017. It will be the first time in the last six years when the series will be launched in the spring. An April 2017 launch is possible as Peter Capaldi slipped the provisional launch date to a fan while filming.

However, the filming schedule is below the expected time as the shoot for new episodes started on June 20. Thus, late 2016 would be the decent time frame when the new installment could be launched.

  • Last installment for Moffat

Partly, it is going to be a huge event on the channel as it is the final series for Steven Moffat as the showrunner. Moffat has served the show for seven years. He will leave next year with 2017 Christmas special as per the tradition. It will be a grand farewell. He will leave the show to Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall in 2018. It will be in safe hands as he has already written several promising episodes.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates

Doctor Who Season 10 Promo / Trailer / Teaser

Doctor Who Season 10 Cast: News & Rumors

  • Last season for Capaldi

The next season may be the last one for Peter Capaldi as the doctor because he will equal the length of time which previous Doctors – Matt Smith and David Tennant were part of the show.

In late 2015, Capaldi said that “this could he his last year with Doctor Who, and it’s terrifying.” Later on, he confirmed that he has asked to stay and take part in Season 11. He said that it’s of choice, but he hasn’t made up his mind by then.

 Moffat has been known to tell fibs for a long time now. So, be ready to experience something new and different shades next year although he has insisted that he is not writing out a doctor with his farewell. Let’s see if it is his swansong. Capaldi agrees with this point.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
  • Jenna Coleman is not returning

Back in June 2016, Capaldi let slip that Jenna Coleman has filmed her last for series 10. Earlier, he said that he wasn’t sure how Clara was able to wipe the mind of the boss. It’s possible that she may appear as the imagination of the Doctor. But Coleman said she wouldn’t appear even for a cameo.

After Clara, the Doctor will get a new companion. Her name is Pearl Mackie, and she will step into the shoes of Jenna Coleman as the new funny and geeky companion of the Doctor.

The show introduced Bill via a quick teaser to the world. The promo was titled “A Friend from the Future.” It came out during a Match of the Day episode. She was seen questioning the Doctor regarding Dalek while they were under an attack.

Doctor Who Season 10 Spoilers and Updates

  • A new companion of Doctor

When asked about her character, Mackie replied that she portrays a cool, strong, sharp, a little vulnerable with geekiness. Capaldi is happy to have her as his new companion too. He said that it is a delight to have such a fine actress working with him. She has wonderful zest and charm.

Mackie has previously appeared in many shows and known for her role in Years & Year’s video for Real, British indie film Svengali, and BBC’s daytime soap Doctors.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
  • Missy is coming back

Michelle Gomez revealed twice in 2016 that Missy will return to haunt the Doctor when the show makes its return to the screens.

  • Nardole too

Probably, no one saw this coming. However, Matt Lucas has confirmed that he will be a permanent character for the next season. The character debuted in 2015’s Christmas special “The Husbands of River Song.”

  • Matt Smith won’t

Many rumors came in telling that the show Doctor Who will travel back in time and re-hire Smith. But, the man himself has denied such rumors. He said that it’s Peter’s now and he loves and watches as a fan.

  • The tenth season to have 12 episodes

Moffat himself told us that he has been hired to do a total of 13 episodes this series including the Christmas special. Later on, the news of his retirement came out. However, he said that he is trying to do a little more, but will have to wait and see.

Let’s see if there would be a special or two episodes after series 10 for the grand farewell of Moffat and Capaldi.

There is one thing for sure, and it is that episode 2 of the upcoming series will have an international flavor. It will have scenes included from the City of Arts and Science Museum in Spain.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
  • Format may change

Moffat said that in series 10 something else would happen. He also joked that each year, they try to do things differently and to make things more difficult for themselves.

Also, he said that he was very happy to get rid of two-parters and was very happy to have them back in series nine.

  • Big names for guest stars

David Suchet will make an appearance on Doctor Who as a character named “The Landlord.” He could be a Time Lord, but the name is not that impressive. Ralf Little is confirmed for a guest stint on the TARDIS. However, he denies the fact. In an exclusive talk, he revealed that he would be seen on episode two written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Also, Mina Anwar will appear in the same episode while Stephanie Hyam will be seen in episode one. Hyam acted in ITV’s Doctor Who inspired Jekyll & Hyde.

  • Two new writers who haven’t written anything so far for Doctor Who

Moffat had said that he would employ two brilliant, prominent, and amazing writers to work for the show. The two new signings sound pretty big deal. He had said, “If I told you their names, your brain would explode.”

One of them seems to Mike Bartlett who is a known playwright. He created the hit series, Doctor Foster. He had written an episode titled “The Haunted Hub.” The other name is not confirmed yet. A veteran is also returning with play writer Rona Munro who had written the 1989 swansong ‘Survival.’ He will return to write episode nine titled “The Eaters of Light.”

The other new writers include Cottrell=Boye, Jamie Mathieson, Sarah Dollard, and Mark Gatiss.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
  • Mark Gatiss might pen down ‘Sleep No More’ sequel

Gatiss has written a script for 10th series. However, he got a mixed response for his 2015 tale of eye-booger horror. For it, he has already told everybody regarding his plans to write a follow-up of the sinister Sandmen.

  • Peter Jackson might direct an episode – but probably won’t

Moffat is trying to lure the Lord of the Rings filmmaker. Peter Jackson is a self-professed fan of Doctor, Who, and Moffat has been luring him to come over Cardiff and shoot an episode. However, he won’t come due to too busy schedule and moreover, he loves to do work in the home country, New Zealand.

Apart from him, people directing a few episodes of the upcoming series includes Poldark’s Ed Bazalgette (the 2016 Christmas special), Misfits’s Lawrence Gough (first and second episode), Mr. Selfridge’s Bill Anderson (episode three and four). Others include Class’s Wayne Yip and Daniel Nettheim who is helmed for series nine’s Zygon two-parter.

  • A new spinoff – Class – to fill the gap in 2016
The first live-action Doctor Who spinoff Class (after both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) is set to take place in the halls of Coal Hill School. The first ever spinoff was introduced way back in 1963. The idea was given by acclaimed YA author Patrick Ness. He has promised that the show will attract a broader audience and not just young people and teenagers.

The heroes of spinoff Class are Charlie (Greg Austin), April (Sophie Hopkins), and Tanya (Vivian Oparah), and Ram (Fady Elsayed). These students at Coal Hill, along with their alien teacher Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) will protect and defend from the threats from the intergalactic monsters and other miscreants.

Capaldi had revealed about his appearance in December 2015 and then appeared as a guest star in the series premiere. The new episodes of spinoff Class will come every Saturday at 10 am on BBC 3 and launches on BBC America next year.

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates
  • A 2016 Christmas special
 “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” aired on Xmas / Christmas Day 2016 at 5:45 pm on BB One. It was marvelous too. Justin Chatwin starred as an actual superhero with powers and everything, and crossed paths with the Doctor.

Wolf Hall actress Charity Wakefield appeared as a journalist, and fellow guest stars Adetomiwa Edun (Merlin), Aleksandar Jovanovic, and Logan Hoffman joined her.

Matt Lucas appeared as Nardole, the character inspired by classic Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve. The interesting twist is that the Christmas special was shot after completing the first two episodes. However, there has been no official information regarding it.

  • Grand plans after Doctor Who series 10

Chibnall has got his place as the new head writer and executive producer for the show. BBC has prepared bigger plans for the future of Doctor Who show.

Moffat is confident that the show will last at least until 2020. In 2015, Moffat had said, “It will definitely last for five more years. I have seen plans, and it is not going anywhere. We can go past than that. The TV legend will keep going.”

Doctor Who Season 10 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Rumors, News & Updates

Stay tuned.

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