Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers: DBS E51 Air Date and All Other Updates

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers, Air Date, Predictions, Synopsis, DBS E51 Updates: It is going to air on July 10, this Sunday. Titled “Mai’s Feelings Across  Time”, this episode is going to pick from episode 50 and is going to address a few things that were left unexplained in the episode. (check: Lucifer Season 2.)

As it is apparent from the title, the episode would focus on Mai and Trunk. We know that she is not dead. The preview trailer has been released, and we can assume many things from that trailer. (read: Sultan Review.)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51

Following things are going to happen in the episode:

  • Bulma would reveal to the group that they can go the future using another time machine to defeat Goku’s alter ego.
  • Trunk’s actions due to him worrying for Mai get Bulma thinking, and even she’d start worrying. This looks like its nothing major, but since it was particularly shown in the trailer, it could mean something.
  • Later, Future Trunks reveals that Future Mai is dead. We know that Mai is not yet dead as we saw her finger twitch at the end of ep 50. Her death might take place in this episode.
  • Black might discover that Mai is alive and could start hunting her.
  • Future Trunks could reveal how he met Future Mai.
  • There could also be the case of counter actions that Goku and his group take in order to protect Mai since they already know her upcoming destiny.

Apart from all this, the show would focus on the love and attraction between Trunks and Mai. The titles for episodes 52 and 53 have been revealed. They are “Gohan and Future Trunks” and “Black’s Identity Revealed”. So, we might get to see a few exciting events that would later lead to the events of ep 52 and ep 53.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers, Air Date, Predictions, Synopsis, DBS E51 Updates

It is being speculated that Future Trunks would choose to go to the future, and Black Goku is one of Goku’s sons. He might become Gohan in the future. It would also be revealed later how he came to being Black Goku in the first place.

The trailer also contained some footage of Black Goku shooting beams at the place where Mai was earlier trying to hide. So, that part is yet to be explained. We still don’t know what would happen with Trunks and Mai and whether Goku would use Trunks to save Mai. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday.


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