‘Dragon Ball Super’ (DBS) Episode 73 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, News & Updates: Gohan A Movie Star; What About The Great Saiyaman

dragon ball super episode 107 release date, dragon ball super episode 107 spoilers, dragon ball super episode 107 promo
dragon ball super episode 107 release date, dragon ball super episode 107 spoilers, dragon ball super episode 107 promo

Dragon Ball Super episode 73 spoilers ahead! It will focus more on Gohan. The DBS upcoming ep is titled “Gohan Gets Made into a Film.’ DBS ep 73 spoilers are out, and they say that Gohan will be involved in a movie in it and will be seen performing dangerous stunts.

The inside series movie will feature Bryan Kaan, and he will portray the role of The Great Saiyaman. This particular episode will act as a filler to which the anime series is about to reach a new arc. Let’s have a preview, prediction, news and updates for it.

'Dragon Ball Super' (DBS) Episode 73 Spoilers, Release Date, Promo, News & Updates

The same report said that the new arc is titled as ‘The Universal Survival Arc.’ It will be based on an all-new tournament which will take the characters in different ‘Dragon Ball’ universes. In the following episodes, Gohan will return and avenge his father, Goku.

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As the actor backs out for the role in the movie, Gohan gets to do dangerous stunts. The stunts were the reason why the actor backed out. Gohan becomes the star of the film.


After the fillers, the viewers will get to watch the new arc of the series. It will mark the start of a new universal destruction. In the upcoming story, Gohan will team up with Goku, Piccolo, and Vegetta in the Universe 7. Along with the above team members, there will be Buu, Android 17, and Android 18.

Watch the Dragon Ball Super episode 73 promo/trailer below.


Later on, Master Roshi, Krillin, and Tien will join. The same report said that Goku, Trunks, and Vegetta would come to save the Earth. They will become the reason for keeping the peace in DragonBallSuper. In episode 72, Gohan will find Son Goku’s father.

Moreover, it is also unveiled that Hitman Hit killed Goku on the orders of Vado. Furthermore, Son Goku’s father also introduced in the same episode. Dragon Ball Super episode 73 air date is 8th January 2017 while episode 74 will release one week after it on Fuji Television.

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