Eat Bulaga Kalye Serye AlDub March 17, 2016 Day 206 35th Weeksary #ALDUB35thWeeksary

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Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub March 17 Day 206 35th Weeksary: Along with Maine and Alden, all the Lolas came to pay a visit to the mansion. At first, Nidora wasn’t ready to enter it as she was hesitant. On the other hand, Tinidora got excited to return home. All of them wanted to get into the home. They got the flashbacks of their younger age. (Celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day 2016.)

The caretaker of the house Cookie welcomed them. Cookie liked Alden and informed them that the owner will be back in no time. After a long time, they were in their old home. Maine felt it was a blessing that they got to live and bond together after the mansion. Nidora thanked Cookie for letting them inside.

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub March 17

There were Maine’s photos all around the house. Cookie told them that Maine is the successor of the owner of this mansion. In one photo, Maine was donned in the famous red dress which was their first date.

After that, the dubsmash came from Maine and Alden. They also performed the Pabebe dubsmash. Alden kissed Maine.


AlDub KalyeSerye Day 206: Happy 35th Weeksary – March 17 2016WATCH & SHARE: AlDub Kalye Serye Day 206: Happy 35th Weeksary #ALDUB35thWeeksary

Posted by AlDub Pa More on Thursday, March 17, 2016

After a while, someone arrived in a car. It was Ms. Caitlyn Sonash, the owner of the mansion. Daddy Dos has bought it and transferred it to Maine. Lola Nidora felt very thankful to Dodong and Dudang. It meant that they can now live in there.


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