Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5, 2015 Episode Video Highlights #ALDUB16thWeeksary


Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5: One good news for the fans and viewers of the hit show based on the love story of two people. It’s that another interesting episode has been aired today on Kalye Serye. One special person showed up as its cast for the AlDub’s 16th-week celebrations. (check: Did Kapil misbehave with female stars?)

If you remember that the last episode, then it witnessed grandmother receiving a letter from Tiya Bebeng which had written in that she will be visiting them soon. As the end of the episode approached, Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) disappeared from the show. The grandmoms worried to know that she is missing but got to know that she is alright wherever she is.

All those 3 grandmothers appeared to be in good looks. Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) walked as if she is doing catwalk while Tinidora (Jose Manalo) appeared to be a soft spoken person. Tidor (Paolo Ballesteros) wore less makeup on her face. They remembered the call letter of Tiya Bebeng.

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5



 Yaya Dub was donned in a top with sleeves and a long skirt. Then, she along with the three grandmothers arrived in the house. Lola Nidora then recalled that it’s the 16th week of AlDub, that’s why she asked Yaya for Alden. Then, Yaya searched for him and when she couldn’t find him, then she prayed for his well-being and hope that he will appear on some other screen. (read: all episodes of AlDub.)

After some time, a car came honking towards the set. A person with red pants and shoes appeared on the screen. It was none other than Tiya Bebeng (Gloria Romero). Later on, she appreciated the attire of Grandmothers and also noted that Yaya still remembers her reminders.

However, Tiya Bebeng told them all that she felt disappointed when she couldn’t make it for Sa Tamang Panahon event. Lola Nidora told the reason that her phone was hacked and the diary was also not found at that time. That’s why she can’t make it to the show.

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5

Tiya Bebeng asked Yaya Dub about her boyfriend / love interest as well as pointed out that the relationships should go smoothly and shouldn’t be hurried in any case. Then, she asked about his name. Yaya told the name of Alden Richards.

Later in the show, another car came honking in which Alden arrived. Grandmothers went out and warned him about Tiya Bebeng.

After coming inside the house, Alden offered roses to Yaya Dub. Then, Tiya questioned him so as why he offered her it. Then, Alden replied that it is the 16th week of AlDub.

Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub November 5

In the meantime, Tiya again asked him about his qualification, work, capabilities for the sake of Yaya. However, Dub appeared to be little hesitated for asking oddly Alden. On the other hand, Alden was also reluctant in the starting but later on agreed to wait. Moreover, he agreed to prove his clean and clear intentions.

As the show proceeded, Tiya Bebeng allowed both of them to pariticipate in the contest as a couple. After that, she joined some dubsmash performance and pabebe wave. It ended today’s part on the show.

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  1. Reminds what a real filipina should be… proud to be pinay:-)
    Kalyeserye bring back mga aral na binibigay nyo at pay papahalaga as mga payo ng mga Lola.
    Mabuhay kayo! AlDub dalhin any taking pay I big as taking panahon name nilaan ng Dios para as lahat wag kayo bibitaw at bring back the hope, joy and laughter to all Filipino around the world.
    Maraming salamat:-)

  2. Maganda. Masaya. Salamat sa Kalye-Serye ng Eat Bulaga. Nabubuhay sa ala-ala ang mga ginintuang tradisyon sa Pilipinas. Mahuhusay lahat ng gumaganap.

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