Fan 10th Day (10 Days) Collection: 2nd Weekend Box Office Total Report; Huge downfall in earnings from Friday; Is it a warning for Shah Rukh Khan ?

Fan Collections

Fan 10th Day Collection 10 Days, Fan 1st Weekend Box Office Report: FAN can identify as one of the successful release on Bollywood for the year 2016 till now. FAN Collections had highlighted many facts which can’t ignore. The movie released on last Friday with an aggressive media campaign well-managed by PR Agencies.

The talkie had done a great business in the box office during the first weekend. But the trends were set to get down from the very second day onwards when we had observed a huge downfall in collections. The earnings of FAN were declining a lot from the very start, although Sunday gave some hope being a holiday.

Fan 9th Day Collection

9 Days Fan 2nd Saturday Box Office Report

The collections on Monday were also disappointing being the day is also leave; it should have crossed the benchmark of 10 crores to last a week. However nothing such happened with it, and it just loses the plot with 6.05 crore net earnings.

Click here for complete day wise collection.

On the eighth day, the movie didn’t run much strong. Although FAN had a positive that no big was releasing this weekend and a week could be expected more for Shah Rukh Khan’s movie which will last with an expected total of 200 crores Worldwide collection

Facts which can’t be ignored with such a changeover in Bollywood

  • Item Songs does matter in Movie – Since Fan didn’t have a single item song in the film it had to lose a significant plot. Nowadays, Movies and Songs are complimentary to each other. Many directors are now following a concept to get the songs from Punjabi singers for their films.
  • Actresses role is as important as of Actors’ – Since FAN didn’t have any mainstream Bollywood actress rather Ileana and Vaani for supporting roles it had lost a core audience base who loves to watch romance and love in SRK’s movies
  • SRK should focus on producing romantic movies – When we speak of love in India, the first name comes is Shah Rukh Khan, from his DDLJ to Chennai Express he had given a whole new language to less discussed topic in India.
  • FAN Collections are a warning: Fan collections are a sign for King of Bollywood to continue making films which his audience loves. Fans of the superstar are expecting some romantic scenes in Raees.

Fan was released on over 3500 screens in India and 1100 screens in the overseas market. The movie had minted out 79.10 crores from India and 51.48 crores (7.73 Million $) from the international box office. The film collected small 2.90 crores on Sunday, being The Kapil Sharma Show as an important reason.

Total 10  Days Fan Box Office Worldwide Collection – 130.58 Crores (nett)

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  1. the main reason of lower collection of Fan is because of decrease in the popularity of Shahrukh in India when he commented something in favour of Pakistan. thats nothing to do with romantic movies!!!

  2. Fan collections are very very poor considering the fact that it was solo release and no competition was there for 2 whole god freaking weeks…..
    God save Raees which shall have Sultan to flush it down the road…..

  3. The main reason for decline in SRK’s movie collections is because he served ‘garbage’ too many times to his fans in the form of Ra.One, Happy New Year and Dilwale among many others. He lost his credibility among the viewers of being a serious actor. In other words, he is doing almost everything wrong which Salman did before reviving his career through Tere Naam and Wanted.

  4. May be it. Will be a late pick up and its outstanding performance by srk..
    definitely it will be pick up later

  5. Indiawalo
    Jisne bhi nhi dekha fan
    Dekh lo abhi bhi time hai..
    Help fan to reach upto 200 cr

  6. Bhai log fan flop to nahi hui hai.bas business nahi kar payee.uski wajah shahrukh ka comment hai aur ipl ka season.but yaar acting dekh lo.woh to aaj bhi dumdaar acting se jana jata hai paise se ya record todne se nahi.dilip kumar ya amitabh bachchan ne kaun ya carore kamaye the apne daur me but acting skill kaisi hai unki.aaj bhi log yaad karte hai.kuch log shahrukh ke haters hain to woh ye sab likhenge but na shahrukh na salman bas ye socho ki acting sahi ho..yaar shahrukh ne risk to liya but koi aur aisa risk nahi lega.usko appriciate karo yaaron na ki mazak udao..

  7. Your Comment What a shame! see the extent sites go to explain y this movie flopped, that won’t happen if it was an actor/ actress that d media didn’t worship. even listing points of ( excuses) smh!

  8. Fan movie is great and complete entertaining package.. Haters are more in his very own country.. Bit his overseas collection is increasing drastically.. If this intolerance continues we gonna lose legendry actor and superstar.. Intolerant crowd please don’t get biased by selfish one caste oriented right wing groups.. They are pledged to induce hate in country so that people will hail their dirty culture from thousand years dividing people by caste and low grading them.. Making untouchables and sati sys etc… They just can’t tolerate people becoming secular and leaving their culture.. So they will lose their family business of priesthood

  9. Bharitya woke up….slowly slowly they threw away the traitor of the country…kisi

    Movie me lena hi nahi chahiye… dheere dheere woh b hoga

  10. First of all FAN is not a commercial movie. And the other thing is, the 4G audience didn’t understand the theme or concept of this movie, they expect some love,masala,romance, which is null here……..

  11. SRK next time se pakistan main movie release karna…waise bhi Raes to India main 50 cr. ka business bhi nahi karega.

  12. Film to acha hain…par is script n dialougs main dam nahi hain…wo acting ka badshah hain..shahrukh ne acting bohut acha kiya hain…buisness na hone ka karan Script aur Story main dam nahi hain…im SK die hrd fan…but i respect SRK

  13. No movie of Shahrukh or Amir khan will do any good business in India now!
    They may be good actors, but definitely they r not good indian.
    India will never forget what they have said earlier for india.

    Indians have now started recognizing whom to support and whom to boycott.

  14. It doesn’t matter, srk was the best is the best and will be so we’ll wait for raees’s release that is gonna be a super dooper hit block buster movies….

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