The Fate of “The Big Bang Theory” Now Matters On Mayim Bialik & Melissa Rauch

"The Big Bang Theory"

Recent reports disclose both performers have requested to get a pay raise in front of the renewal. The ultimate fate of “The Big Bang Theory” next series totally lies on the sole decision of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. Many actors in industry are seen continuously protesting out for a pay hike.

The reports earlier this week suggested cancellation of most loved TV series on CBS, “The Big Bang Theory”. The Series is loved by science students around the world for more than 10 seasons.

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The show is nearing its two-season renewal deal and then the show could be facing its cancellation until their pay dispute is concluded.

"The Big Bang Theory"
“The Big Bang Theory”

The publication maintained Bialik and Rauch need to bring in just as much as their “The Big Bang Theory” costars are bringing in.

Meanwhile, Rauch and Bialik apparently just bring in $450,000 each per episode. Their first pay was the until at $200,000 first casts determined to divide their earnings by $100,000 to give their costars a raise.

There is no word from both sides–from the network or from the performers’ representatives– in the event the pay dispute was concluded. As it stands, the destiny of “The Big Bang Theory” getting a renewal or a cancellation is dependent upon the arrangement between both parties.

Since they joined Season 3 they’ve been mainstays in the show. Bialik and Sheldon’s clumsy girlfriend play. Also, the Bernadette of Rauch gave birth to her first child. The storyline in the show might radically change whether these celebrities don’t return for the two-season renewal.

Regardless, Warner and CBS Bros. TV are apparently confident that “The Big Bang Theory” is not going to face cancellation. They consider the network will come into a pay deal with Rauch and Bialik to convince them to return for Season 11 and 12.

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