‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Spoilers: no hybrid of the two series, ‘TWD’ and ‘FTWD’

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers, Air (Release) Date, FTWD Promo
Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers, Air (Release) Date, FTWD Promo

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers, Air (Release) Date, FTWD Promo, Synopsis: It appears that inspite of a few theories and gossipy tidbits as of late surfacing over web in regards to a hybrid between AMC’s two loathsomeness show arrangement “TWD” and “FTWD,” it won’t happen, in any event, nor at any point in the near future. The rumor has been confirmed and verified. I know it’s sad. But hell. The show must go on, right? (see: Containment S1E8.)

As reported by Morning News USA, “FearTheWalkingDead” show-runner David Erickson has expressed that the up and coming scenes of Season 2 will investigate the story behind Rick Grimes’ unconsciousness. It’s just season 2 and is garnering too many rumors around it. It’s good.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2

In “TheWalkingDead,” the story began with Grimes being in an extreme comma and however, both the arrangement have this essential component, it won’t emerge as a hybrid, as affirmed by Erickson. Sad. I know.

Expressing that not at all like “The Walking Dead,”FTWD” is not given a comic book, Erickson told TV Line, “Some tectonic plates would need to move to make [a crossover] happen.” Haha. Now Erickson has some sense of humor.

Erickson additionally said that one of the real reasons why the hybrid can’t happen is because both the shows have distinctive settings. Everything needs to be at the same wavelength or at least a little close to the match and fusion. Though actually there are quite a bit of similarity, show runners are stating otherwise.


“Also, from an accounting point of view, with [TheWalkingDead] being six seasons in and going on seven, I don’t think we’ll ever very get up to speed with them, so sequentially, it would be troublesome too,” he said.

Now this is also a point of consideration. Season 7 of WalkingDead and season 2 of FearTheWalkingDead. How in the god’s name will they ever sync them with each other?

Melty has reported that the show-runner needs to ensure that FTWD doesn’t turn into a duplicate of TWD. Now this is something, serious guys. No jokes about it. Fans of FTWD will be in for a trauma if that happens.

“My trust is that at one point — and it’ll presumably never happen — however if we keep focused air sufficiently long, individuals will quit contrasting the shows as much,” he said.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers, Air (Release) Date, FTWD Promo

“I don’t think that’ll ever leave, yet they are two separate stories with comparative tenets occurring in the same universe that was made by Robert [Kirkman] in the funnies.” It’s going in for a dark forest, isn’t it?

“FearTheWalkingDead” Season 2 will profit to AMC for Aug. 21.

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