“The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 (3×15) Promo | Spoilers: Walley Secret Power Revealed by Barry

'The Flash' Season 4
'The Flash' Season 4

“The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 (3×15) is coming soon on CW. In the following episodes of ‘The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 we could see Savitar coming once again in the show.

Warning: “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 (3×15) Spoilers Ahead

His visions help the Speed Force is escaped by the God of Speed. Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) was getting a Big Belly Burger for Jesse when he got an unexpected encounter with God of Speed. The cliffhanger in Episode 14, “Assault on Central City,” suggested at Savitar return in “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15. On the other hand, the inquiry is, is Savitar actual or merely a figment of the imagination of Wally?

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 15 (3x15)
“The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 (3×15)

As stated by the synopsis for “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15, Savitar might only be an imaginary character in the show. After all, he can be seen by just Wally. It looks the villain just appears as a vision to Wally. Similarly, as far as audience understand, Savitar is gone after the Philosopher’s Stone threw into the Speed Force. Barry could be seen getting insensitive because of all this.

Regardless, Savitar continues to seem to Wally in “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15. Yet, he doesn’t let his family or anyone at S.T.A.R. Labs to be aware about his visions right away. As a online daily, Spoilers Daily reported, Wally may start getting the visions of villain and enemies during the training sessions with Barry Allen.

Finally, the team learns about Wally’s visions after Barry finds he looks worried each time they train. We have seen in promo of “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15, Barry expressing the fear of Savitar as he might be spying on the team through Walley visions.

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 15 (3x15)

Nevertheless, the goal of Wally is worse than what Barry anxieties. It turns out that Savitar has been using Wally return to Earth 1 and to locate a way out of the Speed Force. The preview for “The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 endings with Savitar crawling out of the Speed Force, while Barry looks in panic.

As it happens that Savitar has been using a way to be found by Wally out of the Pace Pressure and go back to World 1. The truck for “The Flash” Season 3 Episode15 stops with Savitar while Craig appears in fear moving from the Pace Pressure.

Savitar ‘s return appears to concrete Iris’ death. Just this time around Wally is there, hunting down at his cousin dying in the hands of Barry. Based on the book, Julian and Cisco witnessed Iris dying.

Does Savitar’s return in ‘The Flash” Season 3 Episode 15 imply Iris may ultimately die? How can Wally function because the villains road to go back to World ? Discover when the next episode of The Flash airs on CW on 7th of March.


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