Force 2 6th Day Collection 1st Wednesday Box Office Report: Demonetization hit movie

Force 2 1st Week Box Office Collection Earnings report
Force 2 1st Week Box Office Collection Earnings report

Force 2 6th Day Collection 6 Days F2 1st Wednesday Box Office Report: Force 2 movie of John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha is in theaters today. The movie released with some serious hope for the producers. There are many films scheduled this month, and almost each of them is going to be a flop.

Force2 is also suffering a chilling release in the theaters. John’s Force first part also not able to mint out really great figures on the box office. The upfront challenge for Force 2 collection was definite. Force 2 Budget: The movie had been produced with a whopping budget of 45 crore rupees.

Force 2 Collection

Force 2 4th Day Collection 4 Days F2 1st Monday Box Office Report

This is not a big amount on normal days. But in this demonetization week, nothing seems to be going very much positive. A hard hit on cinemas around the country continues. The playcard John is using this time was in the story. The film continues to be focussed on nationalism tag which proved itself fortunate for Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.

John is currently going through the good phase, it might be a bet for a career for him. Force2 collection could be highly influenced because of the role of Sonakshi Sinha. Almost everyone knows that she is one of the most loved Indian actresses. Her films had collected the amounts many can’t even think of. Last but not the least, we can never forget how R.. Rajkumar got surprisingly hit.

4 Days F2 1st Monday Box Office Report

Till now Sonakshi is the good charm for any Bollywood star, her appearance in this film is very important part of the story. Being aware of all facts mentioned above, distributors reduced the prices for tickets from the very start. This is definitely going to affect Force 2 collections, but a positive response is expected.

Many theaters had fixed the price at 500 rs and accepting the old banknotes to avoid a foreseen failure. The overall occupancy during the first day for Force 2 box office collection was quite decent. Morning shows observed a fill rate of 20-70% in many theaters of Delhi, Mumbai, and other main cities.

Multiplexes stay stronger in comparison to the single screens. The noon shows didn’t receive any good response, and a moderate occupancy is being observed around the country. There could be a hike in the evening as there was no another release since the past 3 weeks and audience is desperately waiting for a film.

Force 2 4th Day Collection 4 Days F2 1st Monday Box Office Report

It doesn’t seem to be easy for Force 2 collection to reach the figure of 5 crores on the opening day because of currency issue. The movie could have crossed 7 crores on an average opening day, but no hopes as of now.

1st Day Collection – Rs. 6.05 cr
2nd Day Collection – Rs 6.5 cr
Sunday – Rs. 7.5 cr
Monday – Rs. 3.4 cr
Force 2 5th Day Collection – Rs. 3.1 cr

total overseas collection – Rs. 5.74 cr
Force 2 movie 4 Days worldwide collection – Rs. 37 cr (gross)

Force 2 Movie Review

The sequel is more fierce and well made if compared to its previous part. The connection between the stories could have been better. John is leading the story and making command at every point in spite having Sonakshi as his senior officer, and that is grating.

Sonakshi appears to be just over a decorative piece in the movie. F2 is simply straightforward, but the blend of action and romance didn’t go well. It feels unbearable at a few point of times. Rest of the Force2 is okay having a decent flow and exciting sequences. One of the car sequences is very well executed. It is a delight to watch for John and Sonakshi fans and action lovers.

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Force 2 4th Day Collection 4 Days F2 1st Monday Box Office Report

Sonakshi Sinha has quite a great fan following among the youngsters which could be proven positive. More than John, Sonakshi fan following is going to decide the fate of the film. John is popular among every type of audience being in the industry for quite decent long.

Overall we can say Force 2 BOC potential is average on trade. But it could perform poor because of upcoming situations.

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