Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale (Episode 10) Review

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Review (Finale): Game of Thrones has been making a tremendous noise and kept up the expectations. The Sunday’s episode of the show exceeded the expectations of everyone leaving in surprise. (check: BET Awards 2016 Winners.)

The most brutal things, revelations, and revenge have been on the top of show dominating the rest of the things. The HBO’s fantasy drama had the best episodes this Sunday and it collided into some of the outstanding tv shows in the recent times. Here’s the complete review of GoT S6E10 Review.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Review

The Music:
GoT has some stupendous music and the mournful piano greets everyone high. Each and every scene has been breathtaking and the music sure deserves an award. The music score has been entirely striking throughout and it elevated the entire show.

King’s Landing:

The king lands with a bang which is one of the highlights of Game of Thrones during this episode. Despite many hits, you will be left confused, and everyone will be amazed. Though it resembles like some scenes from The Godfather and the king doesn’t give a chance to be blown out.

The king flames up after taking the iron throne and clears all the foes. The thin moment and the brief look land everyone in surprise. Though there have been few strides, it takes a smooth path. The king’s landing reeks of death.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Review (Finale)

The Twins:

GoT also has celebrations and as a feast to celebrate the comeback of Riverrun, Frey tries to talk to Jaime. There are some terrific moments during this episode and especially during this point in time. We can even call them as some of the crucial episodes of the season.


The most interesting revelation that happened last night was R + L = J theory that has been narrated impressive. Though it was expected in the next season, it has been revealed soon without hammering much. This was unexpecting, and even many book readers have been not aware of this revelation. This alters the complete show, and most of them will be left confused.

The Red Lady:

The Onion Knight wants Jon to execute about the murder mystery however instead of killing her; Jon banishes Melisandre, which is one more surprise. She escapes immediately and will be talked as The Red Lady.

GoT S6E10 Review

Other Highlights:

Though it was looked weird for involving Sam in the episode, it was decent later on when time passed. Winter is Here has been a huge wait, and it will sure live up the expectations. The High Sparrow is a decent villain and is a tough challenger for sure.

There have been much more highlights as most of the things went unpredicted and did not happen as planned. Hence, GoT this season will sure delight everyone and end up impressive.

Stay tuned for latest GoT news and updates.

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