Girl Meets World season 2 episode 18 live till season 3

Girl Meets World season 2 episode 18:¬†As soon as the “GMW” 2nd going closer to the finale, we are getting more and more eager for every break to finish faster. And it seems like there will be one more solid reason to wait for “GMW” season 3.

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In last few episodes, we have seen the shifting between the romantic couple in ” Girls Meets World ” Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) to Lucas and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter). However, the show is based on friendship, acceptance and human values. The sweet current of romance is the one which fans likes the most.

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The show began with “Rucas” possibility, it was seen in episode 12 “Girls Meets Yearbook” that Lucas and Riley are like sister and brother not more than this. In the previous episodes, we been seeing that Lucas and Maya are getting more and closer, despite their banter teasing.

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Girl Meets World season 2 episode 18

But we strongly want to see either “Rucas” or “Lucaya” a reality, which might not be going to happen in this current season. The creator of “Girls Meets World”, Michael Jacob said Ksite TV that the current season is only about the personal growth.

“Our first year was about friendship. Thematically, we were completely about friendship. Our Second year was about growth. Well, if there is a third season – I’d like to believe there’s going to be – I think it’s going to be about feelings..” He further added that “GMW” will be expressing feelings in a new way. For that, we have to look in season 3, but presently we have many seasons of season 2 left.

In the next episode 18, the crew will be celebrating Halloween with Austin (Ross Lynch), Ally (Laura Marano) and the ghost of the bay window.

Watch season 2’s episode 18 “Girls Meets World” at 8:30 pm (EST) only on Disney Channel. You live stream for the same via Youtube Channel, Disney Channel Go!

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