Goosebumps Movie Review: Book Turns Spooky


Goosebumps Movie Review: Like every book / story which has a potential to earn more turns into something big like a film. Likewise, the latest book to be turned into a flick is Goosebumps as it has enough popularity to turn young-adult fiction into a money maker. So, it can be said that it was destined to be made as a movie. But, check out how and what are the reactions of critics to it.

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The spooky book series of Author RL Stine is just behind Harry Potter by JK Rowling in the list of the best-selling book of all times.  It has sold over 350 million copies worldwide. The makers of Goosebumps film found a way to keep interesting and thrilling moments and pace intact as many book adaptations failed to do so.

Goosebumps Movie Review

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Teenage child Zach doesn’t like his mom to become the vice-principal of his high school and shifting of theirs to sleepy Madison, Delaware. One good spot in his life is his crush on his neighbour Hannah. It was fast developing until his father made it a new challenge.

One day, he and his friend Champ makes a secret visit to Hannah’s home and that moment things started getting exciting as they unknowingly free a character from her father’s book. Later on, it comes into knowledge that her father is RL Stine.


If you can bear and give credit to the filmmakers of Goosebumps for giving life to a character from books, then you will sure shot enjoy the film. It is already known that this setup is one of the thrilling and adventurous project of one of the biggest hits of Stine.

Goosebumps Movie Review

Visual effects are highly employed and co-presented by Sony Pictures Animation banner. The director Rob Letterman has done his animation works with Shark Tale and Monsters vs Aliens.

Goosebumps is more than just a story with virtual creatures. It gives feeling as if it is a movie from 80s specific niche with kid adventure films. A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Shining are less of a kid friendly movies.

There are some chilling moments as they should be in kid oriendted movies including some more laughs. However, the film tries hard to make viewers laugh at every moment, but excessively. Well, its casting could have been improved.

It can be said that Goosebumps is not a classic movie, but certainly a mass puller.

Are you going to watch it? Have you watched it? Don’t forget to add your Goosebumps review.

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