Guntur Talkies Review and Rating

Kalyana Vaibhogame 10th Day Collection 10 Days Guntur Talkies 2nd Weekend Box Office
Kalyana Vaibhogame 10th Day Collection 10 Days Guntur Talkies 2nd Weekend Box Office

Guntur Talkies Review

Guntur Talkies is the story of a father and son Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) who struggle in life working in a small medical shop for their living. They plan small robberies during their free times and they end up successful some times. Hari falls in love with Suvarana (Rashmi Gautham) who stays beside his home.

Hari and Giri plan it big to steal some money and they end up earning Rs 5 laksh after which they wish to lead a lavish life. It is then Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das) chase them which confuse and surprise them. The rest of the movie is about the relation of Hari and Giri with Jackie and Revolver Rani. Watch Guntur Talkies to know about the rest.

Guntur Talkies Review Analysis:

Guntur Talkies has some good dose of entertainment and the complete first half has been passed on without revealing the major plot which makes the audience irritated.

Some intimate chemistry between Siddhu and Rashmi Gautham is a relief for front seaters and Guntur Talkies has nothing much to reveal during the first half of the movie. The songs have been shot well and the pre interval episodes have been decent.

The second half of film too has been handled the same and the interesting twist has been revealed during the unwanted time which disappoints the audience.

The songs have been shot well but they have not been placed at the right places. The entertainment during the pre climax has been decent and the director fails to narrate the movie in an engaging way during the climax.

On the whole the movie ends up as a huge disappointment.


Naresh has been used well after many years and he came out with an outstanding performance throughout the film. He has been exceptional in the role of Giri and is the major highlight of the movie. Siddhu too came up with an impressive performance in the movie.

Mahesh Majrekar has been assigned a comedy villain whom he has essayed many times during the past. Shraddha Das has been outstanding and Rashmi has been completely glamorous. All the other actors came out with impressive performances.

The story of Guntur Talkies has nothing much to reveal and it is completely outdated. The screenplay and the dialogues fall flat and they have not been taken care of. The music and the background score have been decent and so is the background score. The production values have been good and the director Praveen fails in narrating Guntur Talkies in an engaging way.



Naresh and Siddhu




Story, Screenplay and dialogues


First half and second half

Guntur Talkies Rating: 2/5

Guntur Talkies is a film that can be completely ignored as the movie offers nothing new in any department. Entertainment at parts and glamorous episodes are the only saviours.


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