Hawaii Five-O Season 7 Spoilers: HFO S7E1 Air Date – EP previews Danny-McGarrett relationship

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Hawaii Five-O Season 7 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, HFO S7E1 Promo, Synopsis, UpdatesSteve McGarret (Alex O’Loughlin) was seen in a close encounter with death while he was impersonating a drug runner and was shot. (check: Scandal Season 6 spoilers.)

McGarret will get a time for self-introspection to see what his life has in store for him as his best friend and partner Danny saves his life by donating his liver.  This is the time when he becomes aware of the fact that he needs time for himself.

Hawaii Five-O Season 7

Showrunner Peter M Lenkov has revealed in a Twitter chat that information about McGarret is still be kept in dim light. Only this much is known that in the next season, he will be in recovery mode and will be seen taking a break from his life-taking dangerous job. All of this is because of the McGarret near meeting with death.

Whenever one experiences a life turning an event that either traumatizes one or forces one to speculate the decisions that one has made in one’s life, one is compelled to decide which path to choose. The same is for McGarret. In season 7, his emotional state is elaborated and explained in a deep fashion.

The showrunner told Entertainment Weekly that his recent encounter with death is what makes him reconcile the decisions he has made so far in his life. McGarret is seen contemplating for more compelling reasons to take on what he has been doing so far.

Hawaii Five-O Season 7 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, HFO S7E1 Promo, Synopsis, Updates

“McGarret is more in light and aware of his health. And this is what will be a little bit of the theme next year. He will be seen more concerned about his legacy.”

The just now interaction of Lenkov with the fans revealed that  McGarret and Danny will be seen making their relationship more stronger and better. And they will be seen sharing many conversations about the liver transplant. But it will also see a lot of fighting between the duo. The reason for the fight is the constant abuse of life by McGarret.

“The idea that McGarret will harm the liver that was given by Danny is lovable because McGarret is a person who puts himself in that sort of danger all the time. He abuses himself. This will automatically make Danny realize what a bad decision he made to give McGarret his liver. And his sacrifice would be in vain. They both are blood brother, but now when you see, they literally are BLOOD brothers.”  Lenkov told Entertainment Weekly.

Hawaii Five-O Season 7 Spoilers, Air Date, Release, HFO S7E1 Promo, Synopsis, Updates

The next season has many twists in store for us. “Hawaii Five-o” can be seen in the next fall. The new installment  will showcase Adam and Kono reuniting and Abby and Chin living a blissful life together. Also, Chin will be seen contemplating  adopting Sara.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Hawaii Five-o”.  


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