Inbox Awards 2015: CJR Open Inbox Success Award by ‘Auntie Linda’


Inbox Awards 2015: The awards inbox, a prestigious music awards event eagerly awaited by the musicians in the country held today September 26. Several renowned artists will entertain the homeland audience in the function.

Regarding the opening of the event, CJR boy band consisting Kiki, Iqbal, and Aldi opened 2015 Inbox award ceremony.

In his performance, Iqbal Cs open the Inbox Awards stage in 2015 through the song ‘Aunt Linda’.

Thousands of spectators were present at the event. All the audiences were instantly swept up in the rhythm of the song sung by CJR. Even some of the young women who attended diacara scream hysterically see the appearance of the phenomenal boy band.


Grew festive atmosphere when CJR Inbox Award 2015 hit the stage while singing the chorus of the song.

As a result, the audience also seems to be very satisfied and welcomed the appearance of the opener CJR Inbox Awards 2015.

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