India’s Next Top Model 13th September 2015: Episode 9 – Monica Eliminated, Top 3 Finalists Selected


India’s Next Top Model 13th September 2015 – Elimination; Top 3 finalists: The Indian version of the first series has given lots of tears, drama, and loads of gossips. In episode 9, there was one contestant who got eliminated while the remaining three got selected for the final round.

This part comprised of photo shoot round. So, continue reading to get to know about the highlights. The grand finale of the INTM is going to be conducted next week.

India’s Next Top Model 13th September 2015

The show’s episode started with Anusha meeting the girls in the house and brought Mrs. Madhu Chopra, the mother of Priyanka Chopra as the surprise element. All the participants got excited and those four were given the opportunity to ask / talk with Mrs. Chopra. As a suggestion, she asked them to remain true to themselves.

Thereafter, Lisa Mail came suggesting “Fly High” for this week.

Superhero Photo Shoot Challenge

The photoshoot was power and strength oriented. This week, the girls were directed by Tresemme hairstylist and Daniel Bauer. This was the last photo shoot session for them as told by Anusha. She added that it’s the time to step up as the results will finalize the top 3 finalists.

The shoot was superhero-oriented and majorly enhanced by unique hair styles. Dabbo R atnani conducted the shoot while Neeraj Gabba and Anusha motivated and guided the contestants.

India’s Next Top Model 13th September 2015

Their task was to pose in front of a massive hoarding high above the ground. It was the most unusual and difficult challenge organized on the show as the girls were lifted using the crane, so that they could reach the required position to bring out the superhero effect. All of them were dressed in black costumes in front of a skyline hoarding.

However, the shoot was good as told by Danielle, one of the four contestants. The judges gave their feedback regarding the photo shoot. Danielle and Gloria got the most appreciation. So, who do you think was eliminated?

India’s Next Top Model Episode 9 – Who Got Eliminated?

According to the rules, one contestant was to be eliminated in any case. So, who do you think was eliminated and who got into the top 3 finalists and will compete for the India’s Next Top Model 2015 / season 1 title in the grand finale to be organized next week?

Danielle was selected as the winner of INTM episode 9 challenge winner while Gloria came at second spot / 1st runner up. Rushali and Monica were in the bottom 2. So, the decision was made to evict Monica.MONICA!

INTM Top 3 Finalists Names

So, after the episode 9, three finalists were finalized as Danielle, Gloria, and Rushali. They will be featured in the Lakme Fashion Week 2015.

Let’s see who wins the show, title and the grand prize associate with it.

The shows airs on MTV India.

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