India’s Next Top Model Winner: Episode 10 20th September 2015 – Finale; Who Won The Title? Who Got Eliminated?


India’s Next Top Model Winner Episode 10 20th September 2015 Grand Finale: The three contestants who were left in the competition for the final round are Danielle, Gloria, and Rushali. They have to compete to win the first season of INTM. Let’s find out what happened today on the sets of the modelling-based show.

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It will be interesting to know who got eliminated / who faced elimination. Here below is the full written update and highlights of the 20 Sept 2015 episode. These three finalists have to compete against each other in the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week.

India’s Next Top Model Winner

Here is what all happened. All the top 3 contestants were invited to a luxurious hotel where they were treated as if they belonged to some royal families. One splendid room for finalists was booked in one of the best hotels – Renaissance. They checked-in it.

While they were busy in checking their goodies, Neeraj Gabba came all of a sudden and rang their doorbell. He gave a very good news to all of them. It was that they can now have their cell phones back with them again. Furthermore, he brought video recordings of their parents wishing all the best to them.

Fittings and Trails

As usual, a special trail & fitting session was conducted a day before the show to give girls some experience. It became very challenging for them. But, whatever and however it may have happened, it gave them lots of experience – that is what matters.

India’s Next Top Model Winner: Episode 10 20th September 2015

Those top 3 finalists got the company of matured and experienced models who shared their life experiences with them and taught them. Girls also asked them some questions. Lubna Adams helped them in their trail session. She advised them not to take modelling easy as it is a very challenging and tough task. She also cautioned them to be more expressive and stop being dead.


Afterwards, they were allowed to back to their room where they prayed for the next round.

India’s Next Top Model Winner: Episode 10 20th September 2015

By this time, the fans and viewers were eagerly waiting to see the winner as the show proceeded to the final round. Here are the highlights as the things happened. Check them before knowing who the winner is.

The Fashion Show Day

Finally, the most awaited day arrived as this is the day when one of the three finalists will win the title and declared as the first season’s winner of India’s Next Top Model 2015. All of them arrived at the scheduled location on time. They were a little bit nervous and nostalgic to find themselves at the finale stage.

They gave autographs and clicked pictures with the people present there. They enjoyed getting dabbled with the different varieties of the make-up stuff and the hair and make-up done by Daniel Bauer. It all seemed that the time is moving very fast. The next round was the ramp walk. So, before going for the round, they hugged and wished each other. There came the new twist – the INTM grand finale will be continued next week.

India’s Next Top Model Winner: Episode 10 20th September 2015

In this episode, the final round – the ramp walk didn’t happen. Thus, the suspense continues till the upcoming week. No competition took place, so no one was eliminated.

Winner of India’s Next Top Model 2015 Will Be Declared Next Week

Let’s guess who will win the show and declared as the INTM winner. Who do you support? Whom do you like to win the title? Who will face the elimination among – Danielle, Gloria, or Rushali?

Stay tuned with us. We will keep you updated. Don’t forget to share.

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  1. As per me…Glori Tep is the most deserving one as from the 1st week to last photoshoot. she’s never been in the bottom zone and did all her task with lots of good feedbacks from the gudges!!

  2. I think Rushali is deserving to be India’s next top model….I hope rushali wins this title. My best wishes r with Rushali…

  3. I thnk raushali deserves the title gloria is also deserving but deniele she is not like a model i dnt thnk she able to be finalist but she is….

  4. I Think Rushalli ‘d Be The Winner ‘coz She Has The Right Looks As A Model Needs To ‘ve. But She’s Not Upto Height. Danielle Doesn’t Seem To Be The Winner ‘coz She Talks As Someone Is Askin’ Her Whether She’s Pregnant. Gloria, Uhh… I’ve No Words. But, She Doesn’t Deserve To Be The Winner.

  5. denial is deserving to win this compitition she has all required to win ..she is inough tall body language and her postures are exactly belongs a modle she is doing such a great job in too young age…and she can do lots of thing forward. so she should win..i really want denial to win this compitition.

  6. Gloria u r already a winner danial truly doesnt have what audience want too young .rushali has too short height my heart says gloria gloria gloria luv her

  7. I think gloria should win because he has got so many good comment and good photos also…she has a very nice personality….she has to win.. All the very best Gloria

  8. I think gloria should but she is not the citizen
    of india. So I think because of that rushali but
    her height is the main problem. But I an sure
    not Danielle as a winner because when I look her
    I think she was sick for a long period of time
    and I think she is a bone mistress. So…… I AM CONFUSED ????????

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