Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Kanye West’s 3rd Child? Check Pregnancy Tests Results

Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?
Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?: It’s been only six months since the birth of Kim and Kanye West second child – baby Saint and the internet is soaring high with the reports of Kim Kardashian’s third pregnancy. She took pregnancy tests on a plane and has shared the results. Let’s check out if she is expecting a child again now or what. (check: BET Awards 2016 Nominations.)

While on a plane, Kardashian bought six pregnancy test on May 19 to see if she is really pregnant or not. The 35-year-old star did it as she got surrounded by a panic attack if she has got pregnant so soon. But, she didn’t keep this secret from her fans. She shared the pregnancy test results on Snapchat.

Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

And the tests revealed that Kim is not pregnant. At least, not right now. She shared that she had a panic attack and thus did the tests to clear the confusion. She posted the following.

“I’m legit in the airplane bathroom taking a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare, so no big deal,” Kardashian said.

Just some minutes after taking the tests, Kardashian shared the photos of her Clearblue pregnancy test. The tests are clearing saying aloud that she is not pregnant as of now. She is not expecting her third child at least for now. She should also wait for some time as


She should also wait for some time as the first two children; North is only two years old while Saint is just six months old. She should spend time with them before deciding to go for one more and add to the mix.

Kim is NOT Pregnant

However, the 38-year-old star Kanye West shared that he is definitely open for more kids in future. On the other hand, Kardashian revealed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she is not sure if she can carry another child.

Kim may be feared of her second pregnancy as she ended up having placenta accrete (a potential life threating condition in which the placenta attaches itself to the uterus). The issue led her to have one of the most painful pregnancies ever a woman suffer. So, she might be thinking to have another a third child.

Kim Kardashian NOT Pregnant

Fans, what do you say? Should Kardashian and Kanye have another child? Of course, it’s their life and their decision.

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