Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016: Kamini Impresses Everyone; Goes Market With Viplav

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016The episode started with Shalu and Pankaj’s marriage. Kamini stared Viplav. Dhaani got upset. Pandit Ji asked with Shalu and Pankaj to exchange garlands. Pandit Ji asked Shalu’s siblings to tie the ghat Bandhan.

Viplav said he would tie that gath Bandhan and acted as pained. He called Dhaani and asked her to help him. Dhaani tied it. Dadi bua thought why the nurse always interfered. Shalu and Pankaj took pheras. They got married.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Dhaani came to Viplav’s room. Viplav asked her to accompany him for shopping as he needed to buy clothes for Shalu’s pagphera rasam. Dhaani wondered how she will go and feared about Dadi bua. Viplav asked her to come separately. Dhani liked the idea. Dhani went.

Viplav was going somewhere and sat in the car. His car didn’t start. Dasharath, Kanak and Dadi bua came out. Kamini offered help and asked him to open car’s front side. She repaired the car. They got impressed. Dadi bua asked Viplav to take Kamini with him. Viplav said he was going to buy stuff for Shalu and told her train would be missed if he took her. Viplav said he booked the train.

Dhaani waited for Viplav while he and Kamini were traveling in the car. Kamini asked Viplav about the places to visit. Viplav asked her to sit in a boat and see ghat. Dhaani called him. Viplav asked her to do her work and go home. He said he would meet her later. Dasharath told Kamini was good. Kanak said she understood girl. Dadi bua said the house would be lucky wherever she got married.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Kamini told Viplav that she wanted to eat something. Vipav asked what? Kamini said Gol Gappa. She said it was okay if he didn’t like that. Viplav said no. Kamini had Gol Gappa. Raj Lakshmi saw Viplav and saw jija Ji. Just then Kamini coughed, and Viplav gave her water.

Raj Lakshmi asked him where Dhaani was. Viplav said Dhani was at home and asked what she was doing there. Raj Lakshmi said she came to buy something. Dhaani came to the ashram. Raj Lakshmi asked Dhaani what happened. Dhani said Shalu had to get married in a hurry because of Dadi bua.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Dulaari talked to Dhaani and went inside. Raj Lakshmi informed Dhaani about seeing Viplav with Kamini. Dhaani got worried. Raj Lakshmi asked her to be careful. Dhaani called Viplav. He picked the call. Dhaani heard Kamini purchasing anklet and asking about Viplav’s choice. Viplav said it was good. Kamini said she would buy when he would like that.

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