Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016: Viplav Celebrates Holi; Raja Gets Opportunity To Impress Dashrath

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd July 2016
Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd July 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016: Two pandits invited Dhashrath in the temple and told him that they heard about Viplav’s marriage with Dhaani. He said he would come and ask them to go. He acted in front of Sushma and told her that his prestige is ruined. (see: IKRS 23rd Mar. 2016.)

Viplav came home and wished everyone happy holi. Dhashrath told him that if he wouldn’t respect time then time won’t value him. Sushma reminded him that they don’t celebrate Holi without him. Kanak asked about widow Dhaani. Viplav replied that she is fine and is not widow anymore.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016

Next day, Viplav went to the ashram and started arrangements for holi celebration. Dhaani came wearing white saree. Raj Lakshmi asked why she wore white saree as she is married now. Viplav also took Raj Lakshmi’s side. They threw color on her, making her drenched in colors. She looked beautiful. Banaraasiya plays. Dhaani also threw colors on everyone. They happily celebrate holi. (watch: IKRS All Episodes.)

Dhashrath went to the temple. Phool Chand irritated Dhashrath. Dhashrath made him realize his place. He thought to insult Dhashrath and mixed something in colors. Raja saw him mixing and smiled. Dhashrath is about to Tilak God when he stopped him and asked him why he was applying chilli powder. Dhashrath checked it was chili powder and thought what to do then.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016

Raja came there and said that is not chilli powder and said that man is accusing my Dada Ji. He said that everyone would know that this is gulaal or chili powder and threw on his head. He said if it would have been chilli then his eyes would have burned. Viplav there hugged Dhaani and Dulaari; everyone joined, and they had a family hug. Dashrath came home and asked Raja if it is paining.

Raja said he couldn’t saw that person insulting and don’t want to explain as Viplav won the case. He thought that it was good he saw the man mixing chili powder, and he got an opportunity to win his heart. He told that Dhani’s truth would soon be out and said that Dhani would ruin Viplav.

IKRS 24 Mar. 2016

Dhashrath asked him to rethink his decision. Raja replied that he don’t have any hatred feeling for Shaalu and wants her to get a good family and said that he would leave now. Viplav continued to celebrate holi with everyone in the aashram.

Dhashrath told Kanak that Raja saved his respect in front of everybody and also praised him. Dulaari and Raj Lakshmi made Dhaani got ready as a bride. They got tears in their eyes seeing her and brought her out.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016

Viplav looked at her. Dhaani made him wear Garland. Everyone lifted him up. They clapped. Viplav also made her wore garland. Dulaari made them sit together for the aarti and the rituals. They both seek everyone’s blessings. Dulaari hugged them.

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