Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016: Dashrath-Sushma Accepts Dhaani As ‘Bahu’; Kanak Shocks

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016The episode started as Viplav folded his hands in front of Dashrath and said that he had full right to scold and stated that your anger is justified. He apologized and stated that Dhaani didn’t make any mistake, and he was fallen for her and requested him to accept Dhaani. (watch: Ishq Kaa Rangg Safed 25th Mar. 2016.)

Dhashrath hugged him and told not to worry as he would try to convince Kanak. Shalu looked on. Dhashrath called Dhaani Choti Bahu and asked to take blessings. Dhashrath told Sushma that their Jodi is good. Kanak scowled.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016

Shalu called Raja and told him that Viplav brought Dhaani home. Raja said it was right as she was bahu. Shalu said that she did so much bad, still he was taking his side and talks about his goodness and said that she missed him. Raja stated he missed her too and added that he needs to go somewhere and disconnected. Raja told her mom that he wouldn’t let them live peacefully. (check: All Episodes of IKRS.)

Viplav lifted Dhani is his arms and made plan to spend time with her, and showed her cupboard and said he would make space for her clothes. Dhaani asked him to keep her down. Viplav said he was happy seeing her in bridal avatar. Dhani told she felt bad seeing Kanak upset.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016

Viplav said not to worry as half battle was won by getting the blessings of Dadaji and Dadiji and said she would soon win Kanak’s heart. He held her closer and stated today is special day for us as today is…..and she got Dulaari’s call. She asked hope everyone welcomed and Kanak’s reaction.

Dhaani told that Dadaji and Dadiji welcomed her, and Kanak would also accept her soon. Viplav took the call and said that she would take care of her daughter and not to take tension. Dulaari stated that they are relieved since he was with her and disconnected.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016

Viplav asked Dhaani how she felt on his bed. Dhaani told that she is not habitual to sleep on bed. Viplav said that your husband will do wonder, and puts mattress, pillow in the floor and pulled Dhaani closer and looked at her romantically. Na seekha mene jeena played… he kissed her forehead and kept his head on her face.

Kanak is sitting angrily in her room and recalls Dhaani’s Grah Pravesh and Dhashrath accepting her. Dhashrath came and Kanak called him Double standard man, she told that he used to say that he hated Dhaani and now accepted so easily. Dashrath talked about water quality that fits anywhere and told to acquire water’s quality and to get Viplav in control. Kanak said that she would see if Dhaani could stay in front of her.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016

Later at night Viplav woke up and puts pillow under Dhaani’s head. He kissed on her forehead. Just then Dhaani turned and slept hugging him. He made her sleep and went out of the room. He sat at one side of bed and stated that you are upset with us but one day you would know the truth and promised to fulfill her happiness.

Kanak came and stated that he had ruined her happiness and now promising when she is asleep. Viplav stated that he knew how to carry out his promise. Kanak said that one day he would repent. Kanak said if she dies, she won’t accept Dhaani. Viplav asked why she was talking to break the family. Kanak was shocked and said she would harm Dhaani. Viplav said that then she would lose his son’s life.

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