Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016: Raja Tries To Misbehave With Dhaani

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd April 2016

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016The episode started as Badi Amma told Viplav that they always respected his decision but today what he did was not right. Viplav said that his family doesn’t trust him and he had no option and would shift in the hotel but couldn’t stay under the same roof with Raja. Everyone was shocked. He told that Shalu married him. (see: Ishq Kaa Rang Safedd 2nd Apr. 2016.)

Dulaari said that it was his house too. Dhaani told that when the house catches fire they shouldn’t run instead should set it off. He said nobody was worried, but he was. Dulaari stated that Kanak called and was worried about him. Viplav said that she was lying as she called Kanak and was told to leave the Ashram. Dhaani told that she was going back to the family.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016

In the evening there was no light, raja hummed tu hai Meri Kiran song to scare Dhaani and told that he sent everyone temple and pushed her on the chair. Dhaani asked him to stay away as she was not afraid of him. She ran and collided with Viplav. (see: IKRS All Episodes.)

Viplav warned him that he know what he wanted to do and crushed Raja’s feet with his feet and said that game had just begun. He went near Dhaani and smiled.

All came back home to see Viplav. Dhashrath said that he was happy seeing him back. Kanak hugged him. He asked Raja about his feet to which Raja replied that he collided in Temple. Raja’s mum asked Shalu to bring medicine.

Viplav said to be careful in darkness. While in the room, Shalu applied ointment and went to bring haldi milk, his mum asked about the wound. Raja replied angrily that Viplav hurt him. His mum also got angry.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016

Viplav thanked Dhaani for making him understand and bring back to home and said that she was right as he had to keep an eye on Raja. Dhaani rested her shoulders on him. Viplav said that one thing was right that they are together and her love is like god’s gift.

Dhani said that she was happy as he thought this way. He stated that he wanted to know Avasthi family’s strategy. She said that Shalu would hate him. Viplav stated that she would happy knowing the truth and Shalu cancelled their honeymoon. Viplav got closer and stated that he wouldn’t leave Dhaani.

Next morning Dhaani walked and saw the decorations in the room. She asked if he did all that and didn’t slept in the night and made her sleep on the bed. Viplav said yes. Dhaani wondered how he managed and said he always make her feel special.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th April 2016

Viplav stated that she was special to him and held her hands. Dhaani rests her head closer to his head. Just then somebody knocked. Viplav opened. Kanak looked and asked them to come in pooja for Jamai Raja.

Mami told Sushma and Kanak that Bhai-bhabhi was feet of Damad in rasam.

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