Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Movie Review Rating: Priyanka Chopra-Prakash Jha Film’s Audience Response and Critics’ Reviews

Jai Gangaajal 10th Day Collection 10 Days JG 2nd Weekend / Sunday Box Office
Jai Gangaajal 10th Day Collection 10 Days JG 2nd Weekend / Sunday Box Office

Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Movie Review Rating: The latest Bollywood film starring Priyanka Chopra directed by Prakash Jha has hit the big screen today. Before going to watch the flick in actual, do mind reading the Jai Gangajal review available on the web. If you have already watch it, please feel free to share your reviews with us. Don’t forget to see what other’s have shared below. (watch: Pakistan vs SriLanka.)

Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Movie Review


ACP Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) will be moved to Bankipur district in Bihar as the area has been ruled out by evils. Abha Mathur holds a terrific track record as she is quite honest and sincere along with workaholic. Babloo Pandey (Manav Kaul) and his brother (Ninad Kamat) rule out Bankipur and the people living around there have no hopes on the judicial system and they lose faith. (read: Shourya review.)

Even the complete police lives under their survival after which Abha starts fighting against them. Some unexpected incidents change things completely and it is during this time Abha Mathur dominates them and teaches a lesson which makes the people happy. Watch Jai Gangajal to know about the rest.

Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Movie Review Rating


The first half of Jai Gangajal has been decent at parts though its predictable mostly. Prakash Jha failed to keep the audience engaged as most of the scenes in the movie have been seen before. The narration has been completely outdated and it is only the performance of Priyanka Chopra which keeps the film lively. With a simple interval episode, the first half of Jai Gangaajal has nothing new to offer.

The second half of the movie which has to be a complete game changer but it falls flat completely. The complete film has been predictable. Though some episodes in between make the film interesting, the boring narration makes the film fall down in the next episode. The climax of Jai Gangaajal has been complete faked and on the whole Jai Gangajal is the worst film of Prakash Jha till date.

Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Movie Review Rating


Priyanka Chopra stuns everyone as cop and she looks completely professional. One can know how perfect she is in the role of DSP Abha Mathur and she excelled in the film with her outstanding performance. Prakash Jha dominated the second half as the entire film revolves around him. Manav Kaul and Ninad Kamat have been decent with their performances in their assigned roles. All the other actors have done their jobs.

The story of Jai Gangajal has nothing new to reveal and it has been taken out from the plot of Gangaajal. The screenplay of the movie has not been gripping and is the main reason for the film’s debacle. The dialogues have been ok and so is the music. The background score has been tough and apt.

The cinematography and the production values have been well designed. The editing has been crisp and short which made the film better. Prakash Jha surprises everyone and for the first time he failed completely in coming up with an engaging script and interesting narration.

Jai Gangaajal/Gangajal Review Rating


  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Some realistic episodes
  • Background Score


  • Story
  • Screenplay and Direction
  • Second Half
  • Predictable narration

Jai Gangajal Rating


Final Word:

Jai Gangajal is a film that can be completely ignored as it offers nothing new. Priyanka Chopra excels with her performance in the film. Prakash Jha fails in coming out with an engaging script and interesting narration throughout the movie. A debacle which can be skipped.

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