Jatha Kalise (Jata Kalise) Movie Review Rating: Telugu Film ft. Ashwin Babu, Tejaswini Out In Theatres

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Jatha Kalise Movie Review Rating: The latest Telugu film Jata Kalise starring Ashwin and Tejaswini in lead roles has been released on the big screens. If you are planning to watch it, here is our review about it to decide if you should watch it or not. (see: Loafer collection.)

  • Directed by Rakesh Shasi
  • Produced by Sai Korrapati and Naresh Ravuri
  • Cast: Ashwin Babu and Tejaswini
  • Music by Sai Kartheek and MC VKey
  • Cinematography by Sekhar
  • Edited by Kartheek Srinivas
  • Produced by VaarahiChalanaChitram and OAK Entertainments
  • Runtime: 134 minutes
  • Censor Certificate: U/A

Jatha Kalise Movie Review

About Jata Kalise:

After a smashing hit like Raju GariGadhi, Ashwin Babu is back with his second movie JathaKalise and the film marks the debut of Rakesh Shasi as director. The flick is said to be a romantic entertainer which features Tejaswini in the female lead’s role.

Sai Kartheek and MC Vkey composed the music for the movie and the recently released theatrical trailer increased the expectations on the movie. Sai Korrapati and Naresh Ravuri produced JathaKalise on VaarahiChalanaChitram and OAK Entertainments banner. JathaKalise has been slated for release all over on December 25th all over.

Jatha Kalise Trailer Talk:

Top producer Sai Korrapati who proved scoring massive hits with small budget movies is back with JathaKalise which is said to be a romantic entertainer. Rakesh Shasi directed the film and Ashwin Babu, Tejaswini played the lead roles.

The theatrical trailer is the main reason for the flick to stand trending all over as it has been highly impressive. The expectations are huge on the movie and the makers are promoting the film extensively to score a huge hit with a small budget film like JathaKalise.Sai Korrapati and Naresh Ravuri produced JathaKalise on VaarahiChalanaChitram and OAK Entertainments banner.

Jatha Kalise Movie Review Rating

Jatha Kalise Censor Talk:

JathaKalise has completed all the censor formalities all over and the movie has been awarded U/A certificate. Ashwin Babu and Tejaswini Played the lead roles in the film and the makers have been quite delighted with the movie’s response before the release.

With number of movies like BhaleManchiRoju and Mama Manchu AlluduKanchu heading for release, the makers are extensively promoting JathaKalise and the flick is expected to open with huge openings. JathaKalise will release in over 300 screens across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

jata kalise review


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Jatha Kalise Rating

Final Word

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