Kaabil 12th / 13th Day Collection Kabil 2nd Weekend / Sunday / Monday Box Office Earnings Report for Sunday: Beats SRK Raees

Kaabil 17th Day Collection 17 Days Kabil 3rd Friday Box Office Report
Kaabil 17th Day Collection 17 Days Kabil 3rd Friday Box Office Report

Kaabil 12th / 13th Day Collection 13 days Kabil 2nd Monday Box Office Report: Kabil of Hrithik Roshan continues to ride new possibilities on the box office with its box office earnings from the day 1. Film was not able to collect great figures on the overseas box office but the Indian earnings of Kaabil movie will leave you stunned.

Kabil collection were performing overall better than total earnings of Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘OK Jaanu’. The factor of releasing film on a weekend national holiday does helped movie earnings a lot. Hrithik Roshan could be entitled as one of the most finest underestimated controversial actor in bollywood. Following the legacy of Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik is currently going towards improvement in the box office.

Kaabil 13th Day Collection

After giving two disastrous films, finally Kaabil rocked the box office with some sensible script. It makes importance of script in making a movie even more popular and superhit in the industry. As the eve of competition has begun, most of the superstars are not getting good dates to release the movies. Hrithik found his lucky charm working with the national holidays. Kaabil collection were not able to make any difference in the international market but worked out very well on the domestic.

Being popular among the masses because of his blockbuster during the early years in the industry had always resulted positive response for the actor. On the 12th Day, occupancy remains quite higher than of weekdays. A growth in fill out rate was observed for more than 30% across India. Sustaining on the box office even on the odd timings could be the best thing happened with Kaabil 12th Day Collection. The film earned a figure of 4.5 crores on Saturday and 5.2 crores on Sunday. The 2nd weekend Earnings of Kaabil totalled at 9.7 crore rupees in India.

On the first day, Kabil collections end up with earning 10.43 crore rupees which were a good number considering the facts mentioned above. Kaabil collection 2nd day got a significant boost with more than 8 crore rupees as the movie was able to earn 18.67 crores. The release took place in a holiday period, Kabil collection ends up the figure of 29.10 crores in total.

The third day BO earning for the talkie remains quite low on charts. The considerable boost can be credited to the positive word of mouth for the film which was better than Shahrukh Khan’s Raees. Friday didn’t go well for BO as the movie made a figure of 8.3 crores at the BO with the significant downfall of 50%. But, overall it performed well today considering how it performed on its opening Wednesday.

Kaabil Collection

25th January – Wednesday: 10.43 crores
26th January – Thursday: 18.67 crores
27th January – Friday: 9.77 crores
28th January – Saturday: 13.55 cr
29th January – Sunday: 15.05 cr
30th January – Monday: 4.35 cr
31st January – Tuesday:

 4.2 crores
1st February – Wednesday: 4.21 cr
2nd February – Thursday: 4.6 crores
3rd February – Friday: 4.9 crores
4th February – Saturday: 4.5 crores
5th February – Sunday: 5.2 crores

Kaabil 13th day collection – Rs. 3 cr (early estimates)

Kabil Domestic Collection: 94.53 cr
Total Overseas Collection: 20 cr
Kabil Collection: 150 Crores Worldwide (gross) – 118.53 crores (nett)

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The Friday was beginning of official movie holiday in India. Since it was a Republic day holiday in offices, Friday remains working. As a result, the film performed low on BO with mere 9.77 crores of earnings and 50% drop in overall occupancy resulting small figures for kabil box office collections.

Kabil collections day 4 didn’t go up to the expectations. The movie did perform slight gain in the numbers during the noon shows. Saturday night was an always a retreat for any Bollywood movie. Because of romance factor, kabil scored 11.43 crores on the 4th day of the BO.

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There was not remarkable growth in early trends for Sunday. The primary audience had already watched the film which signaled a limited future. Kaabil 5th day collection struggled to cross the mark of 11% with an occupancy of 27% in the metro cities around the country.

Kabil sixth day collections go well in urban and rural areas as well. The significant downfall was observed in many geo-locations, but that was much predictable. With on an average 18% occupancy rate on the BO, Talkie struggles to touch 5 crore mark.

Kaabil Tuesday Collection wasn’t positive in any sense. Film faced a backlash from domestic as well as overseas market. The only good part of Kaabil collections stays the figure as the movie is all about to touch the mark of 100 crore lifetime earnings which is a good signal. Kabil performed much better than other films of Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood which struggled to reach the figure of hundred crores in two weeks. The film earned 4.2 crores on the seventh day.

Kaabil 8th and 9th Day Collection earnings income report: The overall occupancy during the 8th day and ninth day remains quite stringent for Kaabil collection. The film struggles to touch the mark of 15% fills out rate throughout the country because of weekdays. These were the possibly worst days for the movie on the BO. Kabil collection on 8th and 9th days continue to remain around the figure of 4 crores for each. The overall report is definitely positive but not competitive.

On Friday the occupancy remains low because of weekday but film took hike on Saturday and Sunday.

The overseas earnings of Kabil collections remain limited as the movie failed to score big in UAE-GCC countries. There is a strong rumor that producers have allegedly manipulated and inflated the figures. The film stays lower than Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro in the overseas market. So far the film is able to make 16 crores in overseas countries.

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