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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th October 2015: In today’s episode, Madhiam says that why are all so numb. But the Fab5 is not going to be in jam room today as it is already booked. He doesn’t consider what Aryaman is trying to say then abruptly Mukti says that all of them want him to be the lead voice of the team. He laughs as he thinks that they are just joking. But then he came to know that they are serious for him. (more: Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.)

He says that other team boys also wanted him, but he likes to work alone and doesn’t want to work especially with the people who hates him and asks them to get out of his place. Aryaman added that they are working for the live performance which will indirectly give many benefits not only to the team but also to the lead voice. But he is not ready to listen to them and leaves.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th October 2015

Mukti and Aryaman are thinking intensely to search for the solution. Aryaman asks her to be sit down and think together of something. He says that he will make efforts to prepare a plan but she requests him that she will handle it no not for the plan. Swiftly Aaliya comes and asks about the discussion. She try to find Dhruv and asks some students for him. After finally she got him, he says that he wants to stay alone and so it will better she leave him. But she says that she is back just for him and wants him to be strong not to give up. (see: Bigg Boss 9.)

Then he gets a phone call from the manager who says that the sponsors want to listen to the song and he has to report next day to present the same. Aaliya asks him about the phone caller, but he does not tell her anything.


Nandhani smiles then Mukti asks her why she is bringing a smile to her face. She says that she does not want Manik to be replaced by Maddy. They suddenly get angry and says that she replaced Cabir from his place in the team very easily. But she has to understand that both of them have equal priority. She leaves after saying she will talk to Maddy for the last time. Nandhani is typing and sees Manki who is angry she added that she is only searching for the replacement because of the team members, but he does not responded and go away. She gets call of Aryaman, but she tells she is in very hurry, she will call later.

Maddy is listening to the music and then a text message comes and when he opens the door, Nandhani is there. Maddy tells that he is not going to be with his friend for any kind of help and says her to go. But she does not want to hear no and says that they not only want his voice instead they want him. Maddy replies that he does not them but don’t want to work with them. Nandhani says why he is so awkward and also added in his life did he never had friends.

Maddy says that he took a pledge because his friends broken his promise on him, Because of them he is disqualified from a tournament. He tells her to go away. But she does not go. She added that why does he do not want to give himself another chance. He comes to meet everyone on tomorrow’s morning. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th October 2015 episode end.

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