Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st September 2015 S2E13: Maddy Shocked To See Old Man

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st September 2015 Season 2 Episode 13: Today’s episode is going to disclose many hidden secrets like whether the old man is somehow releated to Manik or not? Who is he actually? Moreover, why Maddy lashed at Nandini. Get to know more of it.

Here is all as it happened right from the moment when the previous episode left.

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Maddy got angry after seeing the old man. He intere in the old man’s performance and lashed out at him. The viewers / audiences watching his show were shocked without any clue. Now, here the real suspense begins. Actually, he is not a relative or a known person to him. The old man was introduced by Nandini as a musician named – Ustaad Mukesh Ji.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st September 2015

Although Fab 5 congratulated Nandini, but she has been already hurt as she wanted them to perform with her on stage but they didn’t. She revealed her inner feelings and walked away. After this, Mukti also left saying that she can’t handle it anymore.

Earlier, it was told that, that old man is not related to Maddy but later on it is made clear that he is Maddy’s grandfather. The same old man raised Maddy after the death of his parents. Ustaad Mukesh Ji confronted him and reminded him of the past. Maddy again went mad for Nandini after hearing his grandfather.

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Dhruv and Alya had gone to have dinner. Over there, both of them cleared a misunderstanding between them. They corrected themselves over the topic of Fab 5 and the relationship between both of them. Both agreed to proceed slowly and became friends for now.

Nandini got scared when Maddy suddenly pulled her into his car. She tried to scream, but he told her to keep her mouth shut and put seat belt. He took her to the music room in the Space Academy and told her not to bring any personal / family element in their fight. Then Nandini replied that she didn’t know about his grandfather. However, Maddy still threatened her for going personal on her too now.

As Nandini tried to leave, but Maddy stopped her and started singing using guitar in Manik’s voice – O Yaara song. Tears fell out from her eyes as it reminded her of Manik. She asked him to stop doing this. But he told her to watch out for him. Nandini started crying as Manik’s memories started coming to her head.

Precap: The upcoming episode of KY2 will be an explosive one as Maddy knowingly and Nandini unknowingly made it a personal fight. The precap features Maddy getting hold over Nandini’s brother.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st September 2015 was Episode 13 from season 2. It airs on MTV India.

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