Kalavathi Movie Review Rating: Story, Performance Analysis – Audience, Critics Response

Kalavathi 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Kalavathi 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office
Kalavathi 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Kalavathi 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office

Kalavathi Movie Review Rating: The latest film starring Siddharth and Trisha is out. Check out the reviews to decide if you should think towards watching it or not. (see: Derby vs Man United.)


Murali (Siddarth) loves Anitha (Trisha) who falls for him. Murali’s father falls sick and will be in his last stages which makes Murali and Anitha to come to his hometown. Unexpected weird things start happening as the couple land in Murali’s hometown. It is then Anitha’s brother (Sundar C) who plans to install cameras throughout the bungalow to capture the haunted worrying the people of the family. For everyone’s surprise. They capture Kalavathi (Hansika) who is Murali’s sister. Keep all your questions with you and watch Kalavathi to know about Kalavathi and her worried past.

Kalavathi Movie Review


The first half of the film has been just ok as the movie follows the plot of Chandrakala which is the prequel of the movie. The director managed the complete first half with just entertainment taking the major role. The songs throughout the flick have been below the impressive mark and they have not been shot well. The interval episodes have been shot well which bring lot of interest towards the second half. On the whole the complete first half of the talkie has been just average.

The second half of the film is a stupendous winner for the ultimate entertainment and the interesting thrills. The horror episodes have been captured well and the visuals effects play a major role. The complete second half of the movie has been narrated with lot of interest and the climax of the flick takes the talkie to the next level. Hansika and Trisha’s stupendous performances make the film sit on the top.

Kalavathi Movie Review Rating


Hansika who impressed the audience in Chandrakala, has done a short and interesting role in the film. She has been outstanding with her performance throughout the film. Trisha will sure impress everyone with her glamour in the first half and horror in the second half. She managed to balance both the emotions throughout the entire film. Siddarth played a supporting role and he has done a decent job. Kovai Sarala and Suri brought out laughs throughout the film. All the other actors have been decent with their roles.

The story of Kalavathi has lot of resemblances to Sundar C’s previous movies and it has nothing new. The second half of the film takes the major role in the film’s success because of the screenplay and the dialogues. The music is the major drawback of the movie and so is the background score. The cinematography has been stupendous throughout the movie and so are the visual effects. The production values have been grand enough and Sundar C has been completely successful in bringing out an impressive film.

Kalavathi Review Rating


  • Hansika
  • Trisha
  • Cinematography
  • Visual Effects
  • Screenplay and Direction


  • First Half
  • Predictable Plot
  • Music

Kalavathi Rating


Kalavathi Review Rating

Final Word:

Kalavathi is an impressive horror entertainer with much needed thrills and loads of entertainment making the film on an impressive note. A decent one time watcher.

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