Kanche Movie Review Rating: Varun Tej’s Flick To Impress Its Own Audiences

Kanche Movie Review: 2.75/5. The latest directorial venture of Varun Tej has been released. Check out if it is worth watching or not via our true reviews. (check: Shaandaar collections.)


Dhupati Hari Babu (Varuntej) comes from a lower class community in his village who works hard to earn a respectable position in the society. He happens to meet Seetha Devi (Pragya Jaiswal) who fall in love with each other. They have simplicity in common which make them close and they decide to marry each other. However the situations are completely different in the village as the people are separated by a barrier called caste which plays the major role. Hari Babu joins Army as per the suggestion from Seetha Devi and the rest of the movie is what happens next. Will Hari win his love with Seetha? Will he remove the barriers of caste in his village and change their lives? Watch the film to know about the rest. (watch: Bigg Boss 9.)

Kanche Movie Review


Krish who shot fame for his realistic movies has comeup with one more heart touching film. The first half of the film has a clean and simple love story which takes us to a completely different world. The narration has been quite gripping and the songs have been the major assets. On the whole the complete first half of the movie has been impressive with some heart touching moments throughout.

The second half of the film get deviated initially and though the film takes the needed turns at times, the narration has been quite slow which kills the interest completely. The pre climax episodes which are much important have been narrated in a hurry which misses the needed feel. The major disappointment is the death of Seetha Devi which cannot be well digested. On the whole the second half of the movie is a downfall. (see: Shandaar reviews.)

Kanche Movie Review


Varuntej has worked hard for the film and his hard work has been completely visible on screen. He has been completely energetic and confident throughout the film. He performed the character of Dhupati Hari Babu with ease and is one of the highlights of the movie. Pragya Jaiswal is sure a surprise and she has been impressed with her stunning presence and stupendous performance in the film. The episodes between Varun and Pragya have been narrated well. Pragya will soon make herself in the list of leading actresses soon. Nitikin Dheer has been terrific as the opponent in the movie and all the other actors have been quite supportive. (fan logo.)

The story of the film is simple and it has been laced with heart touching emotional episodes. The screenplay in the first half has been gripping but the second half should have been taken enough care. The dialogues of the movie are sure the assets of the film. The music has been apt and melodious. The cinematography has been eye catchy and the war episodes have been shot well. The movie has been colourful in each and every frame. The production values have been lavish and grand throughout. Krish should be appreciated for his bold attempt but the second half of the film brings a bad feel for the audience who come out disappointed.

Kanche Movie Review Verdict:

Kanche is not a film that will impress all the classes. The performances by Varun and Pragya, Krish’s narration and cinematography are the major highlights. Go watch Kanche if you loved Vedam and Krishna Vande Jagadgurum. Rest of them can ignore it.

So, what do you think after reading Kanche review? Are you going to watch it?

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