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The Kapil Sharma Show – Episode 46
The Kapil Sharma Show – Episode 46

The Kapil Sharma Show 25th Sep 2016 Episode: In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Chandan was on the stage criticising new security office opened by Chappu but he couldn’t hate him more. Chappu offered him a job of ten thousand rupees for being security guard. Chandan changes his words and went to get ready. Ali Asgar came as a diamond dealer with his girlfriend to get security for his diamonds. Chappu starts investigating his gf and small trolls happened on the stage. Chappu keeps on insulting him for his overweight style and this time even his girlfriend joins. The usual comedy talks took place. Chappu advised Ali to leave for Bangkok so that he could steal his wife and advance to Malaysia. (Also See: Dance + 2 Winner)

The Kapil Sharma Show – Episode 46

Chandan comes to showcase his talent but failed to impress the diamond dealer because he didn’t knows good terms. Then Dr. Gulati arrived in a funny role of a baba doing some magical tricks on the stage. Then Baba took Ali and tried to get honeymoon ghost out of him. He asked the question whether with whom he want to do honeymoon. When asked for money for security, client rejected and they started harassing them.

The Kapil Sharma Show – Episode 46

Nani announced on the show that Sidhu ji is going to leave the show and she had also booked her ticket for the same. Sidhu doubted her intentions, Nani justified that she is going to take over his assets and doesn’t need wallet. Khajoor called for his son and Sonu sood was here. Chandan revealed that he only knows only fifty percent fighting. Sonu asked him about this and he replied that he knows how to get kicked off but don’t know about beating anyone.

Tamanna Bhatia arrived on the stage and grooves with some signature steps with Kapil Sharma. Meanwhile Prabhu Deva also arrived on the stage.Kapil revealed that Tamanna is playing the role of a girl with different personalities. Sidhu translated what Kapil was trying to convey to Prabhu and it really worked out. Since there was linguistic problems with the actors, they revealed about the same on stage.

Tamanna revealed that dancing with Prabhu deva was one of the difficult thing and they did faced many problems. Kapil tried to ask her the reason why Kattappa killed Bahubali but she refused to do so. And Kapil once again faced the same question in return ‘Did he really pay 50 crore rupees taxes’

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