Kawach (Kavach) 18th June 2016 Colors TV: Manjulika’s Blackmagic

Kawach 3rd July 2016
Kawach 3rd July 2016

Kawach 18th June 2016: Rajbeer and Pari dance romantically. Everyone feel happy to see their dance. Manjulika performs black magic on Rajbeer and hypnotizes him. Rajbeer is easily affected by senses. He leaves Pari and dance. The family thinks who that girl was. (check: Udta Punjab collection.)

Everyone ask why she was dancing with Rajbeer. The girl is called hot and sensual by the youngsters. When both of them finishes the dance, Pari asks Rajbeer what he was doing. Rajbeer says he was just dancing. Natasha feels jealous of her and says girls falling for him was evident as he was rich.


Kawach 18th June 2016

Pari brings face to face with her and says she was not like her. Natasha cries and stops seeing her husband. Pari enjoys the party. Manjulika feels jealous of her. She does black magic. The waiter drops water on Pari. She goes to wash her kurti and dries it by the dryer. Manjulika again performs blackmagic. (share: fathers day messages.)

Pari slips and dryer fall in tub and Pari is about to drop in the tub. All of a sudden Saroj comes and saves her. She says, Pari, that someone was trying to hit her. Pari does not believes such things. She leaves. Manjulika feels shocked to see Pari. Manjulika tells her mom’s trunk that Rajbeer got mad at Pari. (see: fathers day pictures.)

She performs blackmagic and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer wakes up and walks towards her. Pari follows him. He insults her and says he didnot want to marry her. Pari cries and packs suitcase. Rajbeer’s mom comes and asks her to talk to Rajbeer.

Kawach 18th June 2016

Everyone gather in the hall and decides to play antakshari. Rajbeer behavior wierd. Mom asks what had happened to him. He describes Manjulika’s beauty. Mom thinks he was talking about Pari. Mom goes to tell all to Pari.

Rajbeer feels unconcious, and the doctor is called. Shagun says, Pari, that Rajbeer wasnot himself. Pari doesnot believes in these types of things. Shagun gives Pari rice and asks her to give it to Rajbeer and if he vomitted then someone had done black magic on him.

Pari gives rice to Rajbeer, and he becomes unconcious and vomits. Pari asks Shagun what she could do. Shagun takes her to a lady in hanuman temple. Lady asks her to tie a black thread on Rajbeer’s leg and follows him at night.Then she will get an answer who has done black magic on Rajbir.

Kawach 18th June 2016

Pari ties thread and follows Rajbeer at night. He goes to Manjulika’s haveli and calls Rajbeer. Manjulika says Rajbeer could be alive only if Pari would not in his life. Pari says she would go from Rajbeer’s life. Pari cries and leaves. Manjulika asks Rajbeer to break engagement with Pari.

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