Kawach (Kavach) 19th June 2016: Manjulika dies and comes back

Kawach 3rd July 2016
Kawach 3rd July 2016

Kawach 19th June 2016: Rajbeer says his mom that he didn’t love Pari and would not marry her. He shouts why Pari came behind him when he went to meet his girlfriend. Pari listens to that and packs her suitcase and leaves. Rajbeer also says that he would live with his girlfriend. (see: Kawarch last episode.)

Mom tries to stop him. Manjulika comes to haveli, and she wears a bridal dress. She says to her mother’s grave that she was marrying to Rajbeer. A dog barks. Manjulika scolds the dog. Manjulika does black magic and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes. Lady with her team followed him.

Kawach 18th June 2016

Manjulika in anger scolds them and asks them to go out. Pari comes. Manjulika tells her about the dog that it was a man, and she made him a dog. Lady prays Hanuman to protect Pari. Pari runs and jumps into havan. Dog following her also jumps into havan.

Dog burns. Manjulika also burns and dies. Rajbeer becomes normal and asks Pari what they were doing there. Pari asks him to go home as he was feeble. Pari tells all about Manjulika to her family members.

Rajbeer does not believe in that. Pari thanks the lady for help. Lady says that she was going out of the town for two days and gives her sindoor which will protect her from evils spirit. Pari goes to the bathroom and sees bathtub filling, and no one is around. Rajbeer hugs her from back.

Kawach 19th June 2016

Nammo daadi comes. Rajbeer and Pari get nervous. Daadi asks them to be open. Then by mistakes Pari collides Natasha. Natasha scolds her. Aarush comes and sends Natasha from there and apologizes.

Pari doesn’t mind her. Pari sees Manjulika and Manjulika start blackmailing her by apologizing. Manjulika asks Pari about the color of the dress as she wanted to attend her marriage. Pari permits her. Lady senses and prays to Hanuman g to protect Pari. Marriage starts.

Pari tells Rajbeer about Manjulika attending a wedding. She shows him Manjulika, but Manjulika has turned into evil spirit. Rajbeer is not able to see her.Manjulika does all the rituals with Rajbeer. She does Pheras. Pari is shocked if she was really there as nobody could able to see her.

Kawach 19th June 2016

Rajbeer applies Sindhoor on Manjulika’s forehead. Pari loses her senses and falls. All the family members run towards her. After marriage, when Pari wakes up she says to Manjulika that she would tell everybody about her.

But Manjulika informs her that nobody could see her except Pari.

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