Kavach (Kawach) 25th June 2016: Manjulika enters Pari’ s body

Kawach 3rd July 2016
Kawach 3rd July 2016

Kawach 25th June 2016: Pari wakes up and finds herself on the bed in bridal dress. She thinks that she might get unconscious due to tiredness. She sees Manjulika and asks what she was doing here. Manjulika replies that she invited her to enter her body. (check: Kawach last episode.)

She tortures her that she would never leave her peacefully. All of a sudden, Rajbir comes. Manjulika enters in Pari’s body. She acts sensuously and romance with Rajbeer. In the morning, Pari wakes up. She wants to tell Rajbeer all about Manjulika.

Kawach 25th June 2016

But Rajbeer is not there. She finds Manjulika on the ceiling of the fan. Manjulika twists her hand. Rajbeer comes, and Manjulika comes back on the ceiling of the fan. Rajbeer gets romantic, but his niece comes, and Rajbeer walks out. Pari comes out.

She wants to tell Saroj about Manjulika, but she pushes Saroh with her hands. Saroj falls from the stairs. Saroj again asks Pari what she wanted to say, but Manjulika stabbed Saroj’s leg with a knife.
Saroj does mantras and sees lemon turning red. She decides to take Pari to the temple.


Daadi comes and asks to go somewhere with them before the party. Pari agrees. Rajbeer drives the car with Pari, Daadi, Saroj, and niece. Rajbeer stops the car near the temple. Manjulika has told Pari that she would enter in her body at 7:00 p.m. Pari tries to go into the temple before 7:00 p.m.

Manjulika thinks Pari should be out of the temple at any cost. She enters into rabbit’s body. Niece sees a rabbit and comes out. Rajbeer comes out to see her niece. Truck hits him and he falls. People pull him out. Pari starts emotional atyachar that daadi thought that evil was inside her body.

Pari is ready for the party. She comes out, and Rajbeer’s siblings complement her.

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