Kawach 3rd July 2016: Manjulika’s mom enters Saroj’ body

Kawach 3rd July 2016
Kawach 3rd July 2016

Kawach 3rd July 2016: Pari searches Saroj everywhere. She does not finds anywhere not in the temple, mom’s room. She also seeks the family members as they are nowhere. All of a sudden, whole family shouts and wishes her happy birthday. (check: Kavach Last Episode.)

Nammo daadi and Pari’s mom also come as they also want to surprise her. Pari cuts cake. All the family members want her. Daadi gives her gift and tells her that her husband was so romantic.
She searches Daadi. Daadi comes. Manjulika asks her what had happened the day before.


Kawach 3rd July 2016

Daadi gives her key. She goes to the the temple and puts key in the frount of Devi maa’s idiol. Pari thanks her for help. She then asks her husband for shopping. He asks her to ready for market. She goes to the bathroom. Manjulika laughs in the mirror.

Pari informs her that her plan had flopped. Manjulika laughs and tells her that she would give her surprise. Rajbeer enters the room and asks for a birthday kiss. She informs him that they were going nowhere.

Rajbeer in anger leaves the room and says that she was behaving very different. Rajbeer uncle’s and dad asks the reason for his angry face. He replies that Manjulika mood changed and told them about her plan that she wanted to go to the market and had dinner with family at night, but then she refused.

Kawach 3rd July 2016

Uncle taunts and says him to not to worry as all women are same. Uncle is afraid to see his wife and starts buttering her. Then both Rajbeer and uncle leaves. Manjulika enters the store room to meet her mom. All of the sudden Saroj comes. She asks how she got alive as she had killed her.

Mnjulika’s mom speaks in Saroj’s body. She tells her that she had been waiting to destroy Bundela’s family since 30 years. She wants to kill Pari. Manjulika informs her how she tortured Pari. Janaki is ready in her room. Manjulika’s mother comes in Saroj’s body.Janaki asks her to

Janaki asks her to help her in wearing a necklace. Manjulika’s mom tightened the necklace and makes her feel suffocated. She apologizes for the same. Then Saroj leaves. Janaki feels afraid to see the mirror as the mirror has a message of coming back written with sindoor.

Kawach 3rd July 2016

She calls Saroj and Saroj informs her that nothing had written on the mirror. Pari thinks about Manjulika’s wording. Manjulika enters Pari’s body, and as Rajbeer comes, she starts a romance with her. Rajbeer says that she was joking. Janaki is washing face with soap.

Water stops. She asks Saroj for help. Manjulika’s mom
Hits her head on the wall. All the family members go to the restaurant. Manjulika’s mother calls her to frighten Janaki. Pari goes in the washroom and leaves.

Janaki hears the sound of ghungroo and fears. When all the family members come, she is shivering with fear and says that Sudamini had come back.

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