Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2015: Raj planned the conspiracy against Abhi; Vijay provided them information !

kumkum bhagya 25th April

Initially in this episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi got arrested by the police because the killer Vijay, on being asked took his name and accused him of being the person who hired him. Later Abhi justifies himself as he was the person who has saved Pragya. Pragya later got agreed with Abhi and despite the protest of the assassinator, she instructs the police not to arrest him in any case. Vijay leaves the house accusing them of being a bunch of mad people.

Abhi was sitting sadly in the room, Pragya enters and tries to support him in this unbelievable hyper situation. Abhi shows her the situation he is currently facing in which he is in dilemma to choose what to do. He told her that with this statement his creditability have been loosening. Pragya assures him that she is with him in every situation, whatever it would be.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2015

Abhi goes little emotional thinking the moment when Pragya hasn’t believed in the decorator. She also agrees with him that she was assured that Abhi will definitely come to save her from the Ravan. They shared the romantic moments thereof.

They shared the romantic moments when Abhi and Pragya makes an eye contact. Later Abhi got serious thinking of Fuggi and asked her to leave as he was feeling a bit unsecured. Pragya shares her feelings with Dadi that with the time lapse she is losing out herself for Abhi. Dadi approaches her to take it as a test and all would be fine soon. As Dasi enters the room, Pragya told Dadi that it was the last chance for Abhi.

Later Tanu goes worries about Vijay’s later involvement to make them hurt. Alia agrees with her and also shared what she feels, Alia said that he is mentally ill and can do anything to make us fall in the trap. Raj appreciates himself that it was his plan to make Abhi fall in a trap in case of any discrepancy.

Tanu plumps her mouth after listening to this, Raj threatens her that she could be the one whose name he can take, Alia agrees. Raj explains to them that Pragya still feels for him since she has not let him go in the jail. Tanu suggested using this as a weapon to take revenge. Vijay called Raj to come to the old factory behind their house since he wants to reveal something important to them.

Pragya left stunned After Seeing Vijay

Dadi and all other had a meeting in which they decided that Pragya will continue to flirt with Abhi in order to make him feel better. Second the most important priority of their mission was to find the father of the children inside Tanu’s womb.

New twist in Kumkum Bhagya series has Vijay have not forgotten Bulbul who speaks against him when he was trying to act like he is in an unconscious state Since it was earlier revealed that Bulbul is going to killed in this series of Kumkum Bhagya. Is Vijay is going to murder her or Raj ?

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