Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2016 Episode


Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Abhi tells Pragya about the concert and tries to make her happy as he has hurt her with his words. See what happened next.

Kumkum Bhagya Thursday Episode

The episode begins with Abhi and Pragya getting romantic as she falls in his arms. A romantic song plays and their eyes get locked. He thinks she is not my Fuggi and says he forgets everything and goes out. Praya thinks she could be with him, but thinks of the truth and feels happy as it will be out soon.

Tanu comes to Pragya’s room and calls her and Pragya asks her to leave as she is sleeping and Tanu sees Pragya holding Abhi’s favorite pillow and comes in and wakes her up. Tanu says about the concert and Abhi refused to sing songs. Pragya says that’s old news and Abhi has prepared well for the concert.

Tanu asks about the blackmailer and Pragya says she will call him in the concert. Tanu thinks of informing this to Nikhil. She sees Abhi sleeping outside and wakes him up. He says he slept out as Pragya was inside and says he has practised for the concert. Tanu asks is there anything cooking between them.

Abhi says he is doing it for her sake and tells his plan, and Tanu feels happy and says I love you. Abhi says I will announce my marriage news in the concert. Abhi comes to the room and looks for Pragya and thinks he should sing well without taking any stress.

He checks his wardrobe for clothes and finds all old stock and scolds Pragya for not taking him out for shopping. He says he will wear his lucky white shirt and Pragya looks for her phone on the bed and Abhi throws all the clothes on the bed. He asks why she is doing this. She asks what. He says why is making an MMS of him. She says your fans might be mad at you, not me and they both argue.


Tanu meets Nikhil and tells him that Pragya is helping her. She is not playing with me, and Nikhil asks her to be careful. He says he will come for her if anything happens. Tanu thinks of staying with Abhi today, and Pragya must see this and remember this day.

Purab tells Akash is making all concert arrangement and Pragya worries of Tanu not getting her boyfriend to the show because of camera and media. Purab asks her to convince Tanu that she is helping her. He says plans change with situations.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and sees her sleeping and wakes her up. She gives Aaliya concert details, and Aaliya says she will ruin this show no matter what. Tanu asks her not to do it and tells her about Abhi’s plan and Aaliya those things don’t matter to me. Tanu pleads her to wait as he is going to propose her today.

Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house. Purab tells him that all are going to Abhi’s concert. Daadi hopes Pragya to win and asks Abhi to do aarthi, and he says he don’t trust God. Pragya looks on as Daadi asks him to do for baby’s sake.

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