Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016 Episode: Tanu quoted Pragya as ‘characterless’ woman; Pragya slaps her hard

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2016

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016: The guy Champak was helping Nikhil and Tanu in completing their goals of insulting Pragya, which has increased doubt in Abhi’s mind about her extramarital relationship. Tannu thinks that she is now in the ruling part and can easily win the game. Meanwhile, Abhi recalls his memories and moments spent with Prgya thinking it could not be her fuggi. (check: Kumkum Bhagya Last Episode.)

The old scenes were shown from KumkumBhagya episodes of their marriage. He recalls Dadi words of running late for the ultimate opportunity of impressing Pragya. Prgya comes to him with a smile, but he ignored her. She thinks that the bouquet was gifted by him and goes closer to them kissing the flowers with her lips.

Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016

Abhi and Pragya dancing together

Abhi goes jealous of watching this as he must be thinking that Pragya doesn’t love him anymore and Champak is the guy in the house. Tanu comes to Nikhil with excitement and speaks her mind out.

Overexcited Tannu shows her desire to notice their talks, but Nikhil informs that the game is not over. He explains that the game is never ending for Pragya and will make Pragya fall in never ending drama for entire life, Tanu gets happy of listening full plan.

Nikhil and Tanu standing as a couple

Pragya started doubting Tanu that something must be wrong here as Abhi’s behavior is strange. Rachna comes to her and tells that she missed a chance of watching Abhi proposing her, Prgya misunderstood that she is talking about Abhi’s weird behavior.

Rachna added that it was planned by Dadi, after listening that, Pragya remains shocked. Then Rachna tells her the reality, and she gets excited about listening to this, Prgya wonders of the moment Abhi is going to propose her.

Meanwhile, Champak was staring at Prgya and Abhi was staring at Champak, Mitali noticed all this and observed that something wrong is happening here. Dasi calls everyone to bought the cake in the stage, Nikhil and Tannu think of Pragya’s insult which is going to happen today. Dadi instructed Prgya to cut the cake.

Pragya in her birthday dress in latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016

Tanu comes as Pragya cuts the cake, She started doubting Pragya’s character and humiliating her. She abused her and started questioning her character of being so much irresponsible.

Tanu sparked up the fire and started blaming her for insulting complete family in front of everyone. Prgya counters that whatever is happening here is against Tannu not her, Tanu keeps on claiming that Pragya is the biggest fraud.

Abhi in anger after seeing Champak and Pragya together in Kumkum Bhagya 14th June 2016

Pragya’s temper lose the level when Tanu claims that Prgya had Champak child in her womb and slapped her hard that everyone leaves the house.  Nikhil is shocked, and Tannu continues her drama.

The next ep of KumkumBhagya is going to be more excited and furious as it will reveal the other side of Pragyaa.

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Dadi, Purab, Rachna and Akash will understand that it’s a plan of Tanu and party to frame Prgya wrongly.

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  1. Who said that dad, purab, rachna and akash are kumkum bhagya spoilers. They are the main characters to make the show interesting in supporting and proving that pragya is good. And what does it mean by mentioning that next episode will be interesting which will reveal other side of pragya. It’s better to stop the story or turn the story to pragya side. The serial is goin worse day by day and losing interest to watch also.

    • Yeah. …..you are right…. ….really nowadays this serial is not that much intersting like previous.. ….at starting point… ..it was rally awshm.. ..most imp. Thing is bulbul left from here.xo itz going booring evvyday

  2. please take story to pragya side… its really very bad and we are loosing ur interest in this story… please let tanus sachahi come out and pragya’s tureness please…. it will be good.

  3. Pls stop showing all this nonsense about tanu’s talking eng talking everything meaningless and nobody is saying anything to her stop this series it will be much better

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