Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2016: Tanu took Pragya’s signature on divorce paper; Abhi worries

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016
Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016

Pragya had drunk wine in the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya while Tanu blackmails Abhi to give divorce to her as she is worried about her child. The manager informs Abhi that Pragya had gone in the parking lot.

Kumkum Bhagya Friday Episode

Abhi rushes towards the car park, and Pragya was driving a car by lying on the bonnet. She says that she is driving the car to heaven. Abhi took her down, and they had a small romantic moment after coming close. She insists that she will drive the car as she has the license to fly, he gives an offer that if she signs the papers, she could drive the vehicle. (Also See: FAN 1st Day Collections)

He then realises that whatever he was doing is wrong as it’s against his policies. Pragya signed the papers and told him to give the license so that she could drive vehicle. Pragya checked his wallet and took his license from it. Abhi remains in shocked after listening to this.

Pragya starts dancing and tells if she couldn’t drive, she will go and dance. Abhi tells him to have a seat in the car. Tanu comes and shouts at him to give the divorce papers; Abhi rejected of giving them. Tanu took papers from her and started apologising and thanks him.

Abhi explains to her that it’s wrong as the papers were signed in bad faith. Tanu keeps on filling his tears and again tried to blackmail him emotionally. Pragya made him the seat in the car and told him to tighten the seat belts. Abhi gets emotional after seeing her childish behaviour and realises that he had given betrayal to his fuggi. He expresses his love to fuggi and started emotional dialogues regarding his love towards her.

Tanu excitedly goes to the house and crashes with Dadi while trying to go to meet Alia in the house. Tanu hugs her and tells that she is euphoric today, Dadi thinks that she had gone mad.

Pragya tells him that Dadi had told her to go on Date and don’t be late. Abhi gets confused after listening to her words.

Nikhil crashed to Tanu and slammed her for not picking up his call. He took the papers from her hands and got shocked after reading the articles. She tells him to keep away from her from now, Nikhil warns her of not to try to double cross him. He warns her that if she will ever try to separate him that he is going to expose her badly and will not even accept her after the marriage.

Alia started slamming Tanu, and she shows the papers to her. Alia gets excited about reading the papers with Pragya’s sign, Dadi listens to their conversation.

Pragya tells Abhi that their house had run away as they got late.

Dadi informs about everything happened with Tanu and Alia. She calls Abhi, and he informs her that everything is alright, and they are returning soon. Dadi believes that Tanu’s mind is not in good condition.

Abhi and Pragya had an argument; Pragya tells that Tanu’s lies seem to be truth to him, and her facts seem lies to him. She starts crying out and says that she is not selfish, he asks for the reason. They come close.

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